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+'Magic Jukebox' announcement 1

Putting together a featurette (film) about my jukebox, UUe. This is currently in the planning stages, but I'd like to share some ideas right here and now.
I'm trying to move away (in real life) from my avatar's extremely juvenile look-and-feel which has been a strand in how all things Stewniversal are presented. ie., I want a more adult/grown-up delivery in contrast to the perpetuated k-mode. Ironically, it's that style that defines Egglepple, on which all off this stuff is based. So, an option would be to just limit the avatar to the Kindergarten, or, ..not. That's where this featurette idea comes in.

I think that part of the confusion people have when visiting the jukebox is how seriously to take it because it looks like a toy for kids, versus being a public utility (note: it's not quite there yet, but I realize that it may never get there if people don't know how to use it). I've been told over and over again in demonstrations (as far back as pre-launch demos in 2006) that the string theory element doesn't come across well, even though it's designed to simplify the most arcane puzzle in the most relateable terms.

In order to deliver this message sufficiently - which is crucial to its sustainability, it needs to be presented in a long-form commercial, very similar in spirit to what Nintendo did with Super Mario Bros. 3 in the movie The Wizard. I really liked🙂 that movie because the formula worked so well, and that's something I want to mimic here. An outline of my story (a simulacrum) is of a fledgling gameshow (UUelcome) host who is struggling to grow the production, and then he takes it to a 'magical' realm that exploits the Kindergarten (led by the avatar, no less). In the end, everybody everywhere understands it, and everyone goes home a winner.

Those are just some thoughts about 'Magic Jukebox'. Right now, I don't have a script, a budget, or a crew. Plus, I have other stuff that I'm working on in the meantime.

+new slogan - "Get walking."

'Get walking.' is a new slogan for UUe. The 'walking' portion is indicative of random walks, the so-called (programming) language of juking.

+LES desiderata

Per career establishment, there are two (2) desiderata* that Link Egglepple Starbureiy has:
(1) primary - UUelcome completely sequenced = Egglepple solved (+The Origamic Symphony composed)
(2) ancillary - ability to interface^ with Egglepple from anywhere (see also Egglepple, everywhere!)
UUe [jukebox] becoming a de facto/de jure universal public utility (see The UUe), juking officially promulgated as a global standard sport, and UUelcome as the top-rated gameshow would make me glad.👍🏿 ie. "ability to transact with".

Note (+): Both of which help fulfill my contractual obligations.

UUelcome Home UUe®

Inventor: Link Starbureiy
License: UUelcome
UUe is the standard TOS-compatible jukebox. It stereotypes^ EGP (in order to solve Egglepple) and dispenses fibor. As Link Egglepple Starbureiy's instrument of choice for his recital, UUelcome, server operations are shelled using tokenage* for ack inheritance and playback.@ Stereotype:=sequence+print. Funds get recycled♻, springing cache-credit idempotence. A function of fugue extensibility.

UUe is a kind of abstract jukebox. The automaton is an organic development from attempting to solve Egglepple (++prove my hypothesis), a deep math puzzle* rooted in random walks. Two (2) genera abstractions are: a kernel for mathematical modeling (of auction theory applied to twistor spaces), and a method of compliance.An over-simplified explanation of the problem is: if you take a really long (but finite) tape and split it into some countable number of smaller strings, how does that effect the computability of the tape itself?


Notes (+): +UUe was originally an acronym for 'United Under Economy'. It no longer is an acronym; it's just 'UUe' (pronounced like "whey" or "way"). However, 'United Under Economy' is still applicable.

+UUe - a mathematical model - is a kind of abstract automaton. It qualifies as a jukebox by its rotisserie, with internal operations similar to those of a lyre. Realization of its utility happens via the Stewdio.

+Because Double U economics mandates that clientele in the (u-u) scheme is part of a supply chain, UUe functions like a vending machine.

+lnq is the (official) mascot of UUe. This is "lnq's Jukebox".

+In gameplay, UUe is the house🏠.

United Under Economy| United Under Economy is the unofficial (yet formal) name for UUe. This is the kernel orchestrating Double U (u-u) economics - systematic configuration* of the payload by auctioning% stews from the portfolio: [EEE = (micro) through PPP = (macro)], which leverages juke taxation. This is to say that the whole of Egglepple (particularly the nuts) is 'statistically united'; a parimutuel system is extensible and potentially twistable (u,u).

Ludologically, this conversely implies that all disjoint games are variant. Put another way, yesegalo and meshroom are self-synthetic.Kernel development is an organic reaction to gameplay. A necessitation of compliance. (see also UUelcome, UUe interface, patch, Pink program, Pajamas, Quantumquotient, The UUe, #recital, Stewdio)

Note (+): It was originally a trust that has since morphed into something much more sophisticated; a shift similar to Egglepple being re-appropriated into the the jukebox.





Function map: UUeUUelcomePajamas


Composer: Link Starbureiy



Stewart's logo Stewart is the ring of all six-hundred seventy-six (676) developii# in their entirety*. An puzzle dispenser, its subject^ is rooted in BOT, thus allowing game logic to sort (via endpoint control) the portfolio (at stews) for the fitness of lnq and his walk.Each opus is a ballet. Decrypted and encrypted. Egglepple (see also lnq's Starting Five, developus, fugue, Stewniverse, Mathilda, RONALD, UUallet, creatures)

Notes (+): +This is only an 'opera' in the sense of it being a collection of opuses. We compensate for slack with the developus.

+Here, the word 'Stewart' signifies "the art of stew choreography". On an historical note, the opera was originally called Stewart's Opera. Technically, it should be classified as an opéra-ballet because each opus is its own ballet.

+We define 'fitness' as the ability to transfer currency across twistor space. Here, it implies a quotient load-normalization, particularly on the handicap.

This is how it will play out in rotisserie mode:
Gameplay is a continuous event; each game is it own finite runtime (opus) of the opera.

An opus is dyadic (u,u), and labeled corresponding to the start and stop leaves (verso/recto) of its string (yesegalo). In order to distinguish an opus, it is given a numerical value of its stew count, and additionally, the total weight of those cells.

So, for instance, in our example, #EX.100 [888], E (start) and X (stop) are the leaves, 100 is the stew count, and [888] is the font weight.

These alphanumeric values can be adjusted on the operatic dialpad, which, when called (select: opera button), overlays the rotisserie.

Sample key combinatorics here:




























As the prime directive of the jukebox, Mathilda is UUe's platform for making tempo adjustments. Its libretto is UUhistlegrass. (see also lnq's Starting Five, Stewart, RONALD, UUallet, tip)

This is a suite for all of the ballets in performance of The Origamic Symphony. The suite speaks to/covers the quaternary structure of Egglepple.

Mathilda hosts various extension* paradigms. This is an umbrella for all jukebox-related ballets in performance of stew choreography. Existentially, these activities encourage an ecodiversity of random coil for polynomial efficacy.Namely bubblegum, ludeiy, and spots.
Here's how the ballet will flow in rotisserie mode:
UUe's ludology revolves around folding string. More precisely, how to obtain a completely closed circuit (0b) from an open string

To do this, we progress through three (3) parts: the opening, middlegame, and endgame.

The opening is what concerns us here. Optionally, we may enter a string orientation (which confines its twistor space), called random coil. I personally call it 'scribble', because, since it can assume any shape, that's what it looks like drawn out. The important thing to remember, however, is that coil cannot cross/intersect in two dimensions (2d) (we use stew choreography instead). Note, though, that there actually is strategy involved in random coil design (hence, it's not truly random).

To input a random coil, we simply draw it in the space to the left of the 'juke' button on the rotisserie. Conversely, this space will also output (show) a result (fibor).

You can actually 'dance', so to speak, right now in Euclidean space (3D). The Stewdio's API is functional (but only for Web), you would just have to supply the hardware.
Function map: MathildaStewartUUelcome


UUe.i is an artificially intelligent preimage-image compositor ["pic"] native to crowd computing. It is essentially an animation (the interpolation of frames over a finite period of time) program used to train (via machine learning algorithms) the jukebox, UUe. (not to be confused with UUe interface, Pink program)

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