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A leaf :== the intonation of a flageolet pencil✏️.

Consider a sequence of pencils✏️ {Fp}. Fp will have two (2) endpoints, called nuts. A leaf, then, is any pencil✏️ conjoined on the chain [branched from the trunk of a tree].

For such a sequence, there are at most two leaves [one (1) each] representing the frames sequence:start (initiation) and sequence:stop (termination), which themselves can occupy the nuts. The leaf sequence parametric defines an opus. (See Egglepple. Also of interest Leaf🍃 Plue [yot])
/// The complete foldset is internally ramified, and termed 'bamboo'. Dissonance is respectively named after the plant's main consumers: (gorilla🦍, lemur🐒, panda🐼)