lnq 👨🏿‍🦱: link

/ link

link :== coupler of two or more objects. Topologically, a link is a non-intersecting collection of knots🪢. A link is also a single element comprising a chain. -- Additionally, it refers to a discrete brane 'hyperlinked' to other branes in some cellular automata scheme.
/// Likewise, we can describe a knot as a link with one (1) component.


Metrically, a link* (symbol: L) :== the standardized cent🪙-to-calorie conversion -- our derived cryptocurrent unit^ in stewcing expressed as bytes. ** Named after 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy. ^^ Links can be conjoined🔗 (get it?) to yield an energy🔋 signature.

As 💱spreadable@ crypto🧩, a link (Q♭) :== minima fibor as a control [fret = 0.000384615385¢~ (≈ $1.00 cap)] in trades. @@ ie. strategies get extrapolated to other fibors. ~~ ie. 1/26 of initial penny fret to get $1.00. This is our Q♯🎶 entrée [part of the standard opening for encryption], which acts as the default (however interchangeable) ballet on UUe's rotisserie. (see +list, QQ, 🧑🏿lnq, stew, juke tax, residue, token, MONEY, penny fret, toy, font, c@$#tag, 🧑🏿lnq's bubblegum)