lnq 👨🏿‍🦱: MONEY💰


Inventor: 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy
MONEY💰 (Mathemusically-Optimized* Normal Encrypted Yield) :== the cryptic resultant [hyper/hypo 1] from γ-proofing (some permutation of BIG branes).** Efficiency (ie. fitness) is determined by proximity to the handicap (||inf ≥ (u,u)=0||) relative to how many tokens are used.
/// This is a separate phylum (fungible) of cryptocurrency (cachecredit).

"You need BIG branes to make MONEY💰." - 🧑🏿lnq

Numismatically, MONEY💰 is fit fibor (strict tertiary structure) earned [reward] by juking. After attaining a 0-bubble, the yield is the attribution of ¢ents🪙 drawn from that loopstring➿ arrangement. A fibril requirement is that the yield be less than or equal to the handicap (ie. commutativity) for MONEY💰 qualification. Otherwise, it is bubblegum [yield ≤ handicap, else bubblegum].^^^ However, fibor bundling can still objectively make MONEY💰 via improvisation. (see font, link, lyric, mesh, Juke Lemma, c@$#tag, common ¢ents🪙, quotient normalization, cryptosport, 💰MONEY algorithm)
UUe /// The total ¢ent🪙 amount is finite (per each opus), while the tabulation of jukers and their scores relative to an opus can never be greater than the available ¢ents🪙. This helps prevent double-spending.
Function map: sessionγ-proof¢ents🪙/link