lnq 👨🏿‍🦱: stewcing [neuroplasticity]

/ stewcing [neuroplasticity]

Ludologically, (the sport of) stewcing (formally stew choreography) :== the demonstration, control, and/or improvising of a particular stewc [ie. the hash exercise of securing🔒 twistorspace by probing its acoustic bounds (with error detection/correction)].

The appliance for doing such is a jukebox. Someone who does so is called a stewcer. Pertaining to UUe, stewcing - a form of cryptography - is of bugger (ctf🏁-style) 'cryptosport'* logic.** see mathletics Complexity-wise, token duration is between P and E, with proofing orchestrated in curvilinear space (T).
UUe /// I like to say that stewcing is brute force mathematics as 'an exercise in optimization from auction theory'.

To stewc is to summon a redeemable option (the coupon) on a continuous event that is predetermined [to at least one (1) party]. In this case, stewcs are proxies for the statistical variance of the tablature complexity, and serve to hedge some handicap. Stewcs themselves generate cachecredit (provided from seigniorage on coupons); being synonymous with 🪙coin insertion [deposit] for traditional jukebox activation and dispensing.
Juking was invented by 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy.🤓👌🏿

According to string ludology, stewcing is reflexive to u-u economics; making the optimization of the electrolyte🔋 the foundation of our pursuit. The overall intent behind stewcing is to image Egglepple (ie. juking is the preferred method for sequencing STU).
/// +Because stewcing is injective, the stewcer absolutely keeps what is earned (minus any fees).
+Fibor classification requires twistorspace manipulation, which is the basis of stew choreography.

The process of stereotyping is done by encrypting/encoding STU onto a brane (stewc = pencil✏️glyph). This is accomplished using stew choreography. stewcing is considered to be economically fair (ie. games are randomized and thus no one has an advantage), that is, risk:payoff ≪ payoff:risk. (see Pink Poem, mathemusic, touch-and-go, j-surface)
/// Sans pure 'penny' frets, the value of a stewc is always rounded up to the next integer (unless the stewc itself is an integer). Example: a tablature divisor of 0.054... becomes a 6 ¢ent fret. This seigniorage ensures the house always stays afloat.