A sport is a metrizable game inducing [spread/walk quotient] statistics.

Sport is central to fitness since we are devising strategies for improvisation; generating plays efficiently (ie. fast+small=low power consumption*) in order to reduce token session duration.** Condensed memory footprints (implemented loops) are feedback-friendly. (see 3-rex, mathletics, stewart, Stewniverse, UUelcome, port, cryptosport, cybernetics, ludology)
/// +Sporting happens organically; ie. events are self-organizing (via competition) → promotion or relegation.
+Economically, a sport is valuable because it can garner two things very quickly: (1) an immediate work force (bots can be substituted), and (2) big data. From there (external to juking or at least supplemental to it), predictive analytics can be applied in wagering (offered as bets or bids -- to help with ¢ent๐Ÿช™ circulation).


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