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/ fitness (economics)

Fitness :== the ability of crypto to be transacted across twistorspace (u,u) securely🔐 (ie. hyper/hypo 1 / as MONEY, not bubblegum). It implies a correct✅ fold structure (non-malform), and is absolute* between Egglepple's inflection points.** Complexity-agnostic

Fitness [:= data compression relative to spontaneous egg-epp reactivity] sustains net 🔋energy-scaling by providing 🧩puzzle insurance against risk of handicap interrupts, thus ensuring a fast net feedback loop➰.
/// As a rule-of-thumb, the bigger the deviation from the handicap, the more obese (less fit) the sigma is. Yields greater or less than the handicap are deemed unfit. We generally accept closures🔒 within penny range [one (1) ¢ent🪙] as tight.
Function map: gameplayfitnessMONEYcryptic normalization