Bubblegum is the name given to (a piece of) fibor that is not optimal*. We define bubblegum to be our "dilated vector space having everywhere-vanishing blowup points with boundary", and can easily determine it from being 'that which is bigger than some assigned twistor space (||inf > (u,u)=0||)'.Basically, not MONEY. (contrast ludeiy)

Bubblegum is used - as an improvisation method/tool to make MONEY - in hedging a given handicap [when bubblegum * (n) {n is finite number of pieces as ¢ents} = handicap, then MONEY = yes], and thus, changing the tempo.

Notes (+): +Bubblegum is probably caused from half-integer statistics.

+'Bubblegum' is a metaphorically cohesive polymer, used to 'patch' things up so that MONEY can be made. It shares an equivalence relation with ludeiy.

Function map: bubblegumimproviseMONEY