lnq 👨🏿‍🦱: yesegalo

/ yesegalo

yesegalo Yesegalo :== the flavors and their generational assignment to flageolet pencils✏️. Mathemusically, it is a "textural arpeggio". This is a game's barebone opening (its initial move, used cybernetically to control coiling).

Yesegalo (γ) is quanta of an EGP chromascheme* that is non-migrant to Egglepple. Each set is subject to encryption (γ-proofing). This is the prime part of a game's opening [minor scale].** Yellow, blue, and green.
/// Yesegalo would be part of a game's opening that is set by 🧑🏿lnq (Black), as opposed to the random coil which is usually drawn by another juker (White).

Function map: yesegaloγ-proofstew