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/ lnq🧑🏿 [n-fs]

:== 🧑🏿-[(Q♭/Q♯) diffs: push-pull/put^ sigs, forks ++ distro@*]
^^ neural network @@ SoC ** chemically integrable

"Master of the Stewniverse." - 🧑🏿lnq

UUe /// +Link Egglepple Starbureiy (lnq) ⇒ nervous filesystem: '/root [Link] directory [Egglepple] (0) [Starbureiy]'. ie. /0 -- the 'lnq' technology (natural logarithm (ln) of the reaction quotient (Q) of the species involved), differentiating it from the person.
+"Stewart" is truncated from 'art of stews' or 'artist of stew choreography'. The declaration 'impresario' honors how I orchestrate Q♯ [: 'main user node' hypervises clientele]. (see clone)
+Phonetically, the word stems from the initials of my name "Link Egglepple Starbureiy" = "LES" = "Ellis" (interchangeable with "lnq" since LES ≅ lnq).

- created Egglepple (+ UUe/UUelcome) -

/// -- The following section pertains to k-mode. --

- lnq - the figure of juking, is autonomous and ego-driven.* ** Fun:ego = 1, therefore, rendering him impervious to boredom and invulnerable to psychosis.
- Egglepple is home to lnq and his yots (ie. lnq and the yots are endemic to Egglepple). It exists on primitive notions, and thus, is always fresh and in the process of becoming. ++Joey Koala🐨 is lnq's sidekick.

- lnq [Egglepple's distinct (avatar,ego)-coupling] is kinky-haired, very dark-skinned, and pajamas-clad. He is depicted chewing bubblegum^ while using his joey for cheironomy.^^ An everlasting piece (as a perpetual stream) of bubblegum.

- lnq often composes mathemusic in a state voluntarily induced/educed by the lullaby, Bernice Eve. Otherwise, he is indefatigable.

- Autodidactic and peripatetic/itinerant, lnq's preferred playplace (for training) is a gym* (eg. ). Additionally, he might construct impromptu shelter from his hammock on a bigo tree.** The playscape may be replete with these.
- Juking, lnq's joie de vivre, is the source of his mathleticism.

- Having Stewniversal autonomy, lnq is the sole entity whose insuperable presence in the Kindergarten can conduct any part of the orchestra. He uses his krayon for ornamenting juke field. Likewise, he can instinctively trap things (namely fibor) in bubblegum [blown bubbles], which he can then chew until they vanish/absorb.

- lnq is equipped with perpetual youth; advancing strictly in wisdom+intuition (an offered explanation for his caricatured large head*). Being a blackbody, all information is ideally absorbed and emitted, internally cached (optional mind upload/neural download), and can be recalled on-demand (instant replay/playback of events). However, because he can selectively remove his emotions from his experiences, he remains unaffected by memories. This all comes courtesy of having a healthy abundance of (neuro)melanin.Operates as a control hub.
- The bounds of what lnq can imagine are undefined. His imagination is the fountain of his strength and takes him wherever he is (virtually) willing to go. (see also The Pensive Pencil ... a life of thought, +list)