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From the standpoint of string logic-compliance, gameplay (ludological operation) :== the dynamic of how loopstring➿ functionality is streamed (ie. play-by-play) in 🧩puzzle-solving. The premise is that - in juke field - the two (2) ends of a string must meet each other🔒.

Elementally, gameplay educes proof [diffs and signatures]; by playing games, we are training (via models of predictive analytics) objects for strategy-gathering: generate walks for use in fibor determination and their identities (where applicable).* ** Gameplay directive: "new walks .. more threads .. better spots .. bigger spreads." - 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy ///simplified: "more residue = more revenue"/// [see Black and White, thread, 🎮🎹gameboard, UUelcome, gameshow, play, Pink Poem, carrot🥕]

Basically, all games transition through three (3) phases^: the 1) opening, 2) middlegame, and 3) endgame.movements
/// Jukers are encouraged to use the Stewdio for juking activity.
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