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/ major scale

The major scale hosts* the secondary structure (EGP encryption on primary structure) of Egglepple. Complexity: E ** In addition to residually defining the tertiary and quarternary structures. (see fibor, fibor bundle, meshroom, lnq🧑🏿, groove, melody)

Function map: minor scalemajor scale → ... groovefiborfibor bundle

/ stew choreography [neuroplasticity]

The art of stew choreography :== the process of stereotyping* (brane-folding) STU using fruut to keyframe [sequence/map by hyperlinking] stews.** Print the portfolio as a sponge. This is our "proof-of-work"~ concept [ie. juking exercise for 'meshing' UUe's cryptocommodity (¢ents🪙)], and should solve twistorspaces (via encryption).~~ And/Or 'proof-of-space'.

Per gameplay, stew choreography (or dribbling [endpoint control]&) forms a ➿loopstring's middlegame (ie. walk). The Stewdio is used natively [default] for improvising.&& String command. (see juke notation, ballet, stewart, touch-and-go, 🧑🏿lnq's walk, joey)
/// +stew choreography is a type of animation (interpolation of frames).
+Such choreography is inferred by "the ballet of The Origamic Symphony🎶". The reason this ballet is necessary is to anticipate dividends. We say that stew choreography is "to γ-proof l-string".
+Any proof-of-work must be validated with a signature/handshake.
+Every single stew on a loopstring must be affected for a yield to be accurate.

Function map: random coilstew choreographyfibor

/ fibor

A fibor :== an automaton that is a unique and totally twistable ||f(u,u)=0|| crypto mesh* (cluster) of links (L) which is subject to stewcing.** There are two (2) classes of fibor: MONEY and bubblegum. This is a tertiary (stereo) isoform of Egglepple.

Fibor^ is a functional component (dyadic fluctuator) of twist economics; hashed (from an algorithm of mathemusic) to output some image.^^ Each fibor is both its own structural formula and memory address. As part of the endgame🏁, we care mainly for the ludological aspect(s) of stewcing (topology, rhetoric, mechanics, etc.), as they relate to identification and function attribution. (see minor, major, fibor bundle, fibor mutation, stew, zero-bubble, walk, stewc tax)
/// +Mathematically, fibors are trivial zeroes (compared to stews which are non-trivial zeroes).
+Fibor is the 'print' (or vending) stage. This would be the total algorithm input assigned from stew choreography. Gameplay-wise, stewcers should aim to get here as quickly as possible.
+For purposes of imaging, the loopstring➿ may be a simple topological schematic, serving to illustrate some animation directive.
+Just to reiterate, our primary interests are not in figuring out the science (eg. chemistry, biology, physics, etc.) behind the folding (chemical bonding, dipole moments, things of this nature are left to such experts). We are chiefly concerned with "writing a playbook", so to speak, that will enable anyone to generate algorithms (plays) for configuring polymorphisms and coordinating meshes.
+We must be careful with our vocabulary. Yes, fibor is stringy, but it is not a requirement that it be physical, per se. It just necessarily assumes the properties (namely that it can vibrate in multiple dimensions) of strings as it propagates into worldspace. In this case, we are concerned strictly with string dynamics (incorporating the landscape vacua philosophy). However, fibor - in the mold of stew choreography - is open/closed in some arbitrary volume, whence it is attached to a dynamical mem(brane). Oddly, however, there exists a method to start with Planck data, and work our way up to normalization with g-folding.

Function map: minormajorfiborfibor bundle

/ mathemusic

Formulator: 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy
Mathemusic :== the functional conflation of brane classes defined as 'an incorporation of keys and timing to perturb a sinusoidal, whose resultant is a γ-proof'.

This tends more towards being a supermathematical exercise grounded in the principles of music theory. However, it is practically expressing (with libretti) statistics in the framework of 🎵music (even sans sonically). Cryptologically, it is the algorithmic direction of variation*.** Solutions have melodic texture.

When we speak of mathemusic, we are generally doing so in the context of The Origamic Symphony🎶/Egglepple. (see ballet🩰, opera, ¢ent🪙, joey, mathletics, 🧑🏿lnq's Starting Five, 3-rex, fibor, UUe, stewc notation, QQ)

"All I hear is mathematics. All I see is music." - lnq🧑🏿

/// Contemporary mathemusic was originally formulated by 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy (its progenitor).🤓

/ pitch

We refer to the intonation field of a brane (particularly an loopstring➿) as its pitch, or the pitch. In practical terms, this is simply the dimension (ie. length) of some random coil as measured in ¢ents🪙 [precisely, the measure between two (2) nuts]. (see also port, key, coverage)
/// The pitch of the (subchem) yoke is Egglepple.

/ string ludology

String ludology (commonly abbreviated SL), or "loopstring➿ theory" :== a formal attempt to game all possible twistor classes in mesh derivation per The Origamic Symphony🎶 (ie. extrapolate a playbook from superstring theory). Since γ-proofing is our objective, SL can be simplified to 'how to make ¢ents'.
TOS /// Conceptually, it is heterotic; borrowing from polypeptide folding mechanics, as well as from the mathematics of so-called string theory.

SL assumes that the foundation of any game (and juking in general) is based on a randomly coiled curvilinear path [string] which is subject to specific ludological constraints; namely that it is lyrically bound. (compare string theory)

/ random coil

Ludologically, the function of opening🔓 a loopstring➿ is processed seemingly random (random := state=yes ++ address=no).
/// As in each outcome has equal probability.

A random coil :== the lowest-level [dim≤1] (unmapped) orientation of a brane. This unstructured position sample [an algebraic curve] is known* as its preimage (or illustrative state for both pitch and incidental tax determinance).** I label it 'scribble'.

Instead of being a specific shape/pose, it is a statistical distribution of all populated conformations (albeit, strictly those lacking subunit definition). If each conformation (walk) has equal probability or weight, then such coil is the acoustically-approximated bounds of some twistorspace. (compare denaturation, contrast identity, thread)
/// +It is not uncommon to have multiple different coil(s) for the same opus/string.
+The orientation is that of algebraic curvature because topologically, random coils are random walks on curved surfaces. My given axiom is that encryption can be hidden in its algebra.

Function map: scribblesponge

/ double-u

Double-u (written "u-u", "u,u", or "w") :== the sobriquet of "united under", as from 'united under Egglepple'. We use "double-u" when referencing fibor comprising so-called u-u economics (hyper/hypo). (see twistor, compare base pair)
The (u-u) [twistor] is connoted from the portfolio notion of recto/verso (reading frames). Each leaf/nut (u) assumes either a half-integer or integer value quantumly entangled as functions in twistorspace, where spacetime complexity is symmetrical and dyadic (s,t).

We may, as we see fit, take that twistorspace bundles both loopy➰ quanta and their stringy counterparts into so-called loopstring➿.

/ bubblegum

Bubblegum :== the name given to (a preimage of) fibor that is not optimal* (ie. false vacua).** Basically, not MONEY. It is/are (the class of) string combinations (yesegalo + groove/melody) whose fibril noncommutativity necessitate optimization (ornamenting of fugal themes).

We define bubblegum to be our "dilated vector space having everywhere-vanishing blowup points with boundary", and can easily determine it from being 'that which shares no equivalence relation with some assigned twistorspace (||inf > (u,u)=0|| OR ||sup < (u,u)=0||)'.

Bubblegum is used in encryption - as an improvisation method/tool to make MONEY - in hedging a given handicap [when bubblegum * (n) {n is finite number of pieces as ¢ents🪙} = handicap, then MONEY = yes], and thus, changing the tempo. (see 🧑🏿lnq's bubblegum, fibor bundle, swap, link. Compare protein quaternary structure)
/// +Bubblegum is probabilistically caused from half-integer statistics.
+'Bubblegum' is a metaphorically cohesive polymer, used to 'patch' things up so that MONEY can be made. Think of it (in a way) similar to bubblegum 'on the bottom of your shoe👟' that can be used to seal a leak, so to speak. (see spread)

Function map: bubblegumimproviseMONEY

/ image

In signal processing, the image ("after the fold"/verso) function of a brane configuration [pencils✏️+🍄meshroom] :== its final state (some closed🔒 string) - an expression called fibor. The preimage will have mapped all frames to this compressor in a process known as stereotyping. (see mesh, opera, UUelcome, avatar)
/// In our case, since we tend to polymer structure determinance, these are akin to molecular mappings.

/ loop➰

Mathematically, a loop➰ :== a closed🔒 string with no knots or tanglements whose path initiates and terminates at the same point.

Ludologically, a loop is a simple infinite walk (ie. circuit); such that it encloses leaves (reading frames) on a loopstring➿. In both cases, a loop is continuous with either no nuts, or has homologically conjoined endpoints.
/// For sake of stew choreography, a loop is just a completed walk that has become unavailable for recycling.

/ Playtpus

/ fibor bundle

A fibor bundle (a function of taxation and/or renormalization) :== two (2) or more fibors combined/connected, which itself forms another fibor. This is Egglepple's quaternary isoform. (see 💱swap, bubblegum, hyperlink, minor scale, major scale, coverage, foam)

Function map: minor scalemajor scalefiborfibor bundle

/ minor scale

The minor scale hosts the primary structure [0-brane+yesegalo] of Egglepple. This is the raw state of EGP decryption*; where pencils✏️ are subject(ed) to coloring, but loopstring➿ is yet to be value-assigned and/or taxed. Complexity: P** More like 'un-encrypted'. We only say "decrypted" because, technically, an encryption can in fact be decrypted/reversed. (see fibor, fibor bundle, SMALL brane)

Function map: minor scalemajor scale → ... groovefiborfibor bundle

/ lyric

A lyric is a poetic appropriation resulting in proof. Each lyric is a loopstring➿ frequency [triangulated datapoint on a brane] assumed from folding.

The (lyrical) set itself is all twenty-six (26) fret spores (0-25) which includes two (2) chords: minor (group of prime numbers) and major (group of composite numbers).