identity (mathematics)

Pertinent to dyadic forms, an identity between objects (asymmetric* endofunctors) is or occurs when an opus' measurable and permutable extrema commute (ie. idempotent yield deviation ≡ 0).** Asymmetry here simply means that the cryptokey is subject to attack variants, but the image itself is a one-way function. The normal way to see this is by decryptionencryption matching fibors with equal handicap/value against each other. In terms of juking, such a dyadic form exists where the walk of a minor scale and major scale are identical. (See font, coverage, patch, u-u, γ-proof, 🍄meshroom, MONEY, carrot🥕, zero-bubble. Compare structural formula)
/// +Discovering identities is the 'name of the game' (or the 'hussle of the puzzle🧩', as I like to say). Identities are what best help organize strategies for fleet learning.
+Probably the most prolific and profitable class of identities is going to be peptides, drugs, and their design.