lnq🧑🏿: identity (equality)

🧑🏿 / identity (equality)

Pertinent to dyadic forms, an identity between objects (asymmetric* endofunctors) :== or occurs when an opus' measurable and permutable extrema commute (ie. idempotent yield deviation ≡ 0).** Asymmetry here simply means that the cryptokey is subject to attack variants, but the image itself is a one-way function. The normal way to see this is by decryptionencryption equating fibors with spectral line frequencies. In terms of juking, such a dyadic form exists where the walk of a minor scale and major scale are identical. (See font, coverage, patch, u-u, γ-proof, 🍄meshroom, MONEY, toy, zero-bubble. Compare structural formula)
/// +Discovering identities is the 'name of the game' (or the 'hussle of the puzzle🧩', as I like to say). Identities are what best help organize strategies for fleet learning.
+Probably the most prolific and profitable class of identities is going to be peptides, drugs, and their design We probably won't know which molecules and fonts match up with each other until an ai is run on both sets of classes to determine similarities in shape + size.