lnq🧑🏿: double-u

🧑🏿 / double-u

Double-u (written "u-u", "u,u", or "w") :== the sobriquet of "united under", as from 'united under Egglepple'. We use "double-u" when referencing fibor comprising so-called u-u economics (hyper/hypo). (see twistor, compare base pair)
The (u-u) [twistor] is connoted from the portfolio notion of recto/verso (reading frames). Each leaf/nut (u) assumes either a half-integer or integer value quantumly entangled as functions in twistorspace, where spacetime complexity is symmetrical and dyadic (s,t).

We may, as we see fit, take that twistorspace bundles both loopy➰ quanta and their stringy counterparts into so-called loopstring➿.