+united under Egglepple

united* under Egglepple (originally 'United Under economy') is the unofficial (yet formal) name for (and trademark of) the jukebox, UUe.** Hence the word/name 'link'. (see Fiduciary of Fun, Egglepple, u-u economics)

"Eventually, UUe will cannibalize every (other) economic system." - 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy

Trivia: The color scheme (funshine/toonlight) came from Missoula, Montana's sewage system. The waterplugs in and around town all have those two colors painted on them, and I lived in a neighborhood where a plug was just over the hill beyond my window, so it was common for me to glance at it daily.

Sentimentally, I'm paying homage/tribute to Southern University's 'Columbia Blue and Gold' look (school colors: blue,yellow,white).