u-u economics

Economist: 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy
Double-U economics / United Under Egglepple logo u-u economics^ is the gaming protocol* auctioning juke taxes and ludeiy spreads to configure 🔋e:e statistics.^^ Colloquialized as "uuelcomics", a type of energy economy. ** protocol: train the electrolyte with gameplay. Auction theory is inherent in the quantumquotient.

"In a scenario where your energy🔋 needs are going to be rebated, an 🔋energy budget is obliterated via tax credit." - 🧑🏿lnq
/// Not having (or removing) an energy budget is the fastest way to scale Kardashev.

Because in twistorspace everything is symmetrical and dyadic (u,u), our parimutuel system (ie. a cryptocurrent between links), is reliant on the interplay between hypercurrency and hypocurrency. So, structurally, the whole industry of Egglepple [portfolio: recto (EEE) ↔ verso (PPP)] implies that juking leads to the creation of ¢ents🪙 (generator), thereby securing🔐 [via crypto] its circuitry. (see quantumquotient, 🧑🏿lnq's walk, cybernetic compliance, ca$htag, zero-bubble)
TOSUUe /// By definition, a currency is valuable whence weight can be assigned to its proof-of-work.
+¢ents get recycled♻.
+We have an economy/economic system precisely because we are using a jukebox. Like with any vending machine, you can have whatever you want [demand] (as long as it is available [supply]), you just have to pay for it.

In this economy (:= flow of transactions), the house (UUe) will 'purse' (and not 'bank') parimutuelly; transactions happen in curvilinear time (T).
Function map: fiborUUelcometwist economicsquantumquotient