lnq🧑🏿: twistorspace


Ludologically, twistorspace or "slot" :== a complex configuration space (eg. geotop) of solutions to the twistor identity ||f(u,u)=0||.

Because a fibor is encoded to close🔒 its loopstring➿ the exact same way every time (ascertained from the uniqueness property), there must exist an acoustic bound in place enforcing (secured🔐 with crypto) these conformations (bubble or vacuum); without such a (force) field, the signal (as measured in ¢ents🪙) would not bifurcate (into MONEY or bubblegum) as a function of symmetry-breaking.
/// +We assume that each twistor field is unique to some fibor. Essentially, this is a mapped spinor. The 'spin' (an object's spinning metric signature) here is identifiable with the quantum fields of arbitrary spin.
+Everything in twistorspace is dyadic (u,u).

Twistorspace' complexity is curvilinear (T)*.** More accurately, sesquilinear. (see handicap, juke field, coverage)