In general, crypto refers to a 🧩puzzle that lends itself to a cipher (some unsecured🔓 function space secured🔐 by an algorithm). By definition, its reward function, if any, is backed by proof-of-work.
/// +Technically, it's the proof-of-work that makes something crypto.
+We assume that such a function space is insecure🔓 (randomized), and crypo exists to stabilize it.

As it specifically relates to UUe, crypto is a synonym for 'statistical estimation to an actual yield' (cf. tax), as calculated from the ¢ent formula and its hash complexities. Juking helps ensure fitness [:= data compression relative to spontaneous egg-epp reactivity🔋 (ie. [hyper/hypo] ≜ [file size vs. energy usage])]. (see cryptocommodity, cryptocurrency, cryptosport, quotient normalization, mathematics, bug)