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Economist: 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy
Intrinsic to u-u economics, stewc tax (or simply tax) :== residue (link's pip#) from stewcing as a dyadic fluctuator (ie. fungibility maintenance = standard excise) that stems (inspirationally) from curvature over finite fields* (redefining algebraic curves in terms of floating-point arithmetic); with non-trivial zeroes lying on the critical line, 1/2 + ir, where i is an imaginary number, and r is a real number {ir completes^ the twistorspace value}.## Functions as the transaction fee in a swap💱. ** The tax is a default house/user fee parimutuelly embedded in each fret. Funds get recycled♻, springing cache-credit idempotence. ^^ A contribution from the rational portion of half-integer statistics. (see ¢ent🪙, MONEY, stew, residue, token, quantumquotient, quotient normalization, stewcer's ruin, penny stake, 📓stewc tax as universal basic income, common ¢ents🪙, fret, Juke Lemma, crypto compliance, DUCC🦆, local zeta-function, hyper/hypo-currency)

"We can see that taxes are important in Life, not because of greed, but because Nature's way of dealing with insecurity is to bound residues to an algebraic curve." - 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy

/// In cryptic compliance, taxation is a seigniorage/excise applied to utilities (ie. energy) costs.