lnq🧑🏿: parimutuel
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Parimutuel means ∃ an equivalence relation whose derivative statistics~ are mutual (peer-to-peer).~~ Tender is tax-intrinsic. Formula: round up to the next whole ¢ent🪙 [eg. 13.2¢ → 14¢, claim equals the difference (0.8¢)]. In terms of u-u economics, it is simply the relationship between dyads (hyper and hypo).

In the twist economy (a p-algebraic system), currency comes at the cost-of-work. Whence juke-compliance instances are solitonous! (ie. k-current), hypocurrency is basic.!! Non-dispersive. Unspent ¢ents🪙 are recycled♻ back into the jukebox* for redistribution upon token expiration (here high score wins the pool), becoming hypercurrency for the vendor, thus satisfying its feedback loop requirement.** In this case, the house is a merchant, and its fees are the juker's ruin.

Formula: patch→token→coupon

Fitness manifests from statistical dispersion of token idempotence^ (juking-generated merchant.vendor responses via contract management&).^^ Appreciation/depreciation is null. && ie. coupons. (See rotisserie, BOT, u-u economics, c@$#tag, carrots🥕 and peach🍑, multiplier. Compare quantum entanglement)
/// Here, compliancy comes courtesy of an auction.

"Parimutuelity is reliant upon conduction, which introduces the order of things." - 🧑🏿lnq

Function map: parimutuelu-u economics