lnq 👨🏿‍🦱: coupon

/ coupon

For purposes of vending, a coupon :== an issued receipt rebating its deployer a ¢ent🪙* tally (via c@$#tagging) of an opus' into which it claims. This hyper-/hypo-negotiable certificate is a fungible (ie. used to exchange cache for credit) contract between two (2) agents [the clearinghouse (client) and a juker (server)]. (see coupon partition, c@$#tag)

The coupon is an accrued portion of ¢ents (the "bounty") credited [only after string closure🔒 (non-fibor is permissible)] to a juker relative to their work* against an opus' handicap.** Strategy/improvisation. This is the reward function for subletting energy sources. These are metered deductibles, and contracted in order to instigate quotient normalization; preventing a server overload of unexpired tokens while assuring the recycling♻ of ¢ents. (see signature, spread)
/// +This is to say that relative to fitness, jukers collect only when the yield stays within the twistorspace. However, duplicates do not get rewarded.
+Since it is rare for an opus to be fit - but normal for them to be mathematically tight (see penny stake) - ballet sorting may be applicable.

As a matter of fair use, coupons grant holders permission status for UUelcome Licensure.