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/ballet 🩰

As our "dance* of the ball", ballet🩰 :== an improvisational program [opus] that synthesizes walk categories from random coil.~** In the Egglepple scenario, the 'dance' is stew choreography, and the band of dancers is yots. ~~ What I refer to as 'walking the string'.

Each ballet🩰 is a frame arrangement [lyrically, the bundling of two (2) or more fibors (either by encryption or decryption) into gameplay]. (see Starbureiy ballet, link, groove (scheme), opera, #opéra-ballet, #libretto)
/// We may consider ballet🩰 to be the transition from opening to endgame. I prefer to think of a ballet🩰 as an opera's lemma.
Function map: ballet🩰opera