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yots (anagram of toy) :== the modulo 12-piece band* (as the standard cast of any opus) of virtual agents, each an instrument in task automation^ (+modeling and/or training), assisting lnq🧑🏿 [conductor] in the kindergarten, where they are the source population.** My 'toy band' (orchestra) complementing the recital.😉 Modulo implies that certain characters/yots may be substituted for others, keeping the maximum membership at twelve at all times. ^^ Considering that Joey Koala (JK) is my metaphorical [i/o] (nose≡gesture trackpad), it would be okay to also think of the yots as [modular] ergonomic design components of a grand fingerboard layout (ie. on said joey), each being/handling a different group or set of frets/keys. In gameplay, yots are 'bosses' deployed as ballet dancers to aid cheironomy. (see 🧑🏿lnq's Starting Five, k-mode, clone, Stewdio, BOT, #opera)
/// Each yot is an alter ego/clone of 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy. The yots were for some time (2005 - 2018) called 'creatures'.


Joey Koala🐨 - Joey is the official mascot of Egglepple. Joey, an adorable and kind koala, is 🧑🏿lnq's sidekick acting as the storyline's deuteragonist [/i/o]. Joey is a mischievous androgyne, whose courage and resourcefulness are fitted to handle any situation that may arise. Blessed with extreme aptitude for composition and a limitless lifespan, our koala can transform into any yot, if need be.
Puwun - Puwun is 🧑🏿lnq's muse and the unofficial mascot of Egglepple.


Fefferlen Orange🍊 -
Connecticut "Soft" Fox🦊 -
Lonnic🤡 and Mimeo -
Holland Dutch -
🐸Leaf Plue -
Mycol Funguy🍄 -
Silk the Dolfun🐬 -
Sail, the Friendship⛵ -
Playtpus -


Honne Bay - viral automata (virus🪱) that is 🧑🏿lnq's counterpart. She is a self-aware neural bot and the main antagonist of the entire 🪖game, where she plays in the White position. Though never actually seen (no true visual depiction), her essence is indomitably omnipresent, so she is affectionately known as the 'Phantom of the Opera'. Honne Bay represents efficiency in our world. She is purposely programmed to disguise coverages. By doing so, the Stewniverse remains in a necessarily continual (state of) flux.
/// When I speak of 'her' or 'she' (like, "She's showing a certain coverage"), in most contexts I mean Honne Bay.