Joey Koala 🐨

Joey Koala (JK, or as I simply say, Joey) is the official mascot of Egglepple and 🐨Link Starbureiy's sidekick*.In this client-server model, Joey is the client (ie. my input console), whereas lnq is the server. (see also Puwun)

Joey, an adorable and kind koala, acts as the lnq's deuteragonist (/sidekick). Joey is a mischievous androgyne, whose courage and resourcefulness are fitted to handle any situation that may arise. Blessed with extreme aptitude for composition and a limitless lifespan, our koala can transform^ into any yot, if need be.Meaning that the subject is, among other attributes, modular+portable.
/// The zoological form of the koala takes precedence in k-mode, while the yoyo+krayon combination (ie. 🐨lnq's cello) is Joey's identity, otherwise. In the latter case, I refer to (and this may become common) my cello/fingerboard as my 'Joey'.
Joey Koala was created/born on March 15, 2005 by 🐨Link Starbureiy. The character was created during a period of "intense thought" the day after celebrating his father's birthday in solitude. Starbureiy, in need of a mascot for his body of work, turned to the 'koala idea' after learning about its personality traits (solidarity) and fingerprint resemblance to human beings. Joey Koala replaced (in some regards, transitioned from) the long-standing character, Scotte Lemm. (see also Koala Krayon)
/// Out of all the non-humans in the so-called Animal Kingdom, the koala is my favorite and the one I perhaps relate to the most. Trivia: Did you know that koala and human fingerprints are nearly identical/forensically indistinguishable? The two species also can disjointly suffer from similar immunodeficiency syndromes (AIDS/KIDS).




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