"Just me and Joey🐨." - 🧑🏿lnq

A/The joey [:== j-surface + UUe interface], colloquially referred to as '🧑🏿lnq's toy cello🎻', :== a type of virtual keyed-over lute ('little* fretboarded phone') for stew choreography, gameplay, plus other toccata [I/O] pursuits.** modular+portable, where "joey" here means "small in stature" like a joey marsupial. (see krayon, Stewdio, yoyo, Joey Koala, Q♯, UUhistlegrass, 🧠braine, Pajamas, KOALA🐨)
/// +Tidbit: As it is encoded only to me, this is my go-to all-in-one companion input device for 🎮controlling/interacting/interfacing with the Stewniverse.
+I call it a 'toy cello🎻' because the cello🎻 (ie. bounded strings situated over a fingerboard⌨️) was the instrument I played in school (as an only child, it was like a little sibling that I never had, and my favorite toy for awhile). (see Funday)
+Stew choreography is a type of animation (interpolation of frames/cells). So, my "cello" is instrumental in manipulating cells in a spreadsheet. Get it?😉
+Ideally, I use joey to keyframe and KOALA🐨 for inbetweening (so joey+KOALA🐨 for the entire animation pipeline).