"Just me and Joey🐨." - 🧑🏿lnq

A/The joey [= j-surface + UUe interface], colloquially referred to as '🧑🏿lnq's cello🎻', is a type of [non-traditional] lyre ("little fretboarded phone*") for stew choreography and other toccata pursuits.** modular+portable (see krayon, Stewdio, yoyo, Joey Koala)
/// +Tidbit: This is my go-to all-in-one companion input device for controlling/interacting/interfacing with Egglepple.
+I call it a 'cello', but it's really a lyre (ie. situated strings bounded over a yoke). I just say it's a cello because that's the instrument I used to play back in elementary school.😉 (see Funday)

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