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/ Egglepple@30

March 5, 2021 - March 4, 2022+*

Portions delayed because of COVID-19/coronovirus pandemic.
{mostly a paper dump from research gathered in 2007}

- PROOF Tour
--Venus Colloquia
--🍇Grape Shirt, 🍉Watermelon+Lemon🍋 Shoes (leg)
--Mr. Marvelous (leg)
--crush nasty (leg)
--lnq is too much (leg)

/ Hello

/ Egglepple: Unfolded

/ UUe [automata]

UUelcome Home
"I have a magic jukebox." - 🧑🏿lnq

Inventor: 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy | License: UUelcome
UUe® (aka 🧑🏿lnq's jukebox) :== client for stew choreography^. In streaming The Origamic Symphony🎶, it auctions + dispenses@ stews.~ ^^ Stereotype:=sequence+print. @@ A function of fugue extensibility. ~~ server actions

UUe is a kind of abstract cell. This [26-brane] automaton is an organic development from attempting to prove Q♭, a deep math 🧩puzzle* rooted in random walks. Two (2) genera abstractions are: a kernel for mathematical modeling (of auction theory applied to twistorspaces), and a method of compliance.** An over-simplified explanation of the problem is: if you take a really long (but finite) tape and split it into some countable number of smaller branes, how does that effect the computability of the tape itself?

TOS /// +UUe was originally an acronym for 'United Under economy',later changed to 'united under Egglepple'. It no longer is an acronym; it's just 'UUe' (pronounced like "whee"). However, both 'United Under economy' and/or 'united under Egglepple' are still applicable.
+UUe - a mathematical model - qualifies as a jukebox by its rotisserie, with internal operations similar to those of a cell. Realization of its utility happens via the Stewdio.
+Because u-u economics mandates that clientele in the (u-u) scheme is part of a supply chain, UUe functions like a vending machine.
+lnq is the (official) mascot of UUe. This is "🧑🏿lnq's Jukebox".
+In gameplay, UUe is the house🏠.

united under Egglepple| united under Egglepple is the unofficial (yet formal) name for UUe. This is the kernel orchestrating u-u economics - systematic configuration* of the payload by auctioning% fibor(s) from the portfolio: [SSS = (micro) through UUU = (macro)], which leverages stewc taxation.%% A necessitation of compliance. This is to say that the whole of Egglepple (particularly the nuts) is 'statistically united'; a parimutuel system is extensible and potentially twistable (u,u).

Server operations are shelled using tokenage* for auctioning and gameplay.** Kernel development is an organic reaction to gameplay. Ludologically, this conversely implies that all disjoint games are variant. Put another way, yesegalo and 🍄meshroom are self-synthetic. (see UUelcome, u-u economics, .uue, UUe interface, Juke Lemma, patch, Pink program, braine🧠🗂, Quantumquotient, DUCC🦆, #recital, Stewdio)
/// It was originally a trust that has since morphed into something much more sophisticated; a shift similar to Egglepple being re-appropriated into the the jukebox.





Function map: UUeUUelcomePajamas

/ Joey Koala🐨

Joey Koala (JK, or as I simply say, Joey, meaning "little favorite") :== the official mascot of Egglepple and 🧑🏿lnq's sidekick*.** In this client-server model, Joey is the client (ie. my input console), whereas 🧑🏿lnq is the server. (see Puwun, Koala Krayon, KOALA🐨. Compare Joey Kangaroo🦘)

Joey, an adorable and kind koala, acts as the deuteragonist [/i/o]. Joey is a mischievous androgyne, whose courage and resourcefulness are fitted to handle any situation that may arise. Blessed with extreme aptitude for composition and a limitless lifespan, our koala can transform^ into any yot, if need be.^^ Meaning that the subject is, among other attributes, modular+portable.
/// The zoological form of the koala takes precedence in k-mode, while the yoyo+krayon combination is Joey's identity, otherwise. In the latter case, I refer to (and this may become common) my toy cello🎻/fingerboard⌨️🎮 as my 'joey🪀'.

Joey Koala was created/born on March 15, 2005 by 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy. The character was created during a period of "intense thought" the day after celebrating his father's birthday in solitude. Starbureiy, in need of a mascot for his body of work, turned to the 'koala idea' after learning about its personality traits and fingerprint resemblance to human beings. Joey Koala replaced (in some regards, transitioned from) the long-standing character, Scotte Lemm.
/// Out of all the non-humans in the so-called Animal Kingdom, the koala is my favorite and the one I perhaps relate to the most (eg. they are asocial solitary animals, who, like me are nocturnal, chocolate brown colored, and also sleep in trees). Trivia: Did you know that koala and human fingerprints are nearly identical/forensically indistinguishable? The two species also can disjointly suffer from similar immunodeficiency syndromes (AIDS/KIDS).

Some more personal historical context: during this time period, I was living+working full-time (24 hrs/day) in a small office that I could barely afford in the basement of a 🎲casino🎰 on the working class side of Missoula, Montana (hence the legend of Joey Koala🐨 being birthed in a casino). I was a near-total failure and broke. The money that I did make came from math tutoring, tips received from lite work done at MCAT, odd computer gigs - it was during this time that I got officially involved in 🏁CTFs due to my proximity to gaming, and what was scrapped together from gambling earnings. A bar of 🧼soap was my only real friend; I bathed in public restrooms, slept on the floor next to creepy-crawly bugs🐛🐞, and was starving. This went on for months. I knew that I had to make a change and do something really big to catalyze it. Joey🐨 was borne from my imagination when I needed a push the most.

I could always rely on the little fella to bail me out of a (metaphorical) tight spot, and for that reason, without hesitation, Joey Koala is my best friend (notice that I prefer to wear the krayon🖍️ on/as my right digitus medius, hence, Joey is my 'right-hand man' and an extension of myself).

/ The Egglepple Company

The Egglepple Company (or just Egglepple) is the pseudonym given to what is now known as Egglepple (kindergarten). It was an incorporated@ business entity in various states throughout the United States of America prior to its deprecation, reorganization, and later inclusion into 🧑🏿lnq.@@ Reference: Ohio Secretary of State's Office

Historically, Egglepple was the very first establishment to be a standalone/independent recreational mathematics+ enterprise (+:=contract-based, sometimes ghostwriting for academe from 10/2000 - 02/2001 (also of interest The Stewart Ellis Company - Gobotech, Link Starbury Network, #305)
/// pm:=pure mathematics, am:=applied mathematics. (see Funshine/Toonlight)

"Egglepple" is the middle name of 🧑🏿Link Egglepple Starbureiy, after whom the company is called, and by whom the entity was created. It spawned from the unincorporated/unorganized Egglepple portfolio (for toy [🧩puzzle] design, circa 1991).
/// Nowadays, the 'company' portion is assumed to be my roster (of characters/personalities +gallery) and the yots.

I attended The Ohio State University foremost to gain access to its aero facilities and research laboratories (I worked in aero/astro at HCGL-R1). As a student, I 'dabbled'; never settling on a major/minor. Back then, I put in my time roving the halls of the mathematics, physics/astronomy, and chemistry departments, as well. I was fairly new in that world ("publish or perish") and really wasn't familiar with LaTeX (I still don't like it -- tmi: I am notoriously bad with grasping foreign languages, and as more of a visual person, reading modern mathematical notation - of which Latin & Greek is the foundation - was a weak suit for me. Sometimes I felt like and have been called an idiot for not bothering to master the syntax because "real" mathematicians seem to rely on it, but my rationale is that the world is operating entirely on holograms, algorithms, music to some extent, and genetic code, not formulae, and so mathematical modeling [mathmod] is my preferred method for ideation. This forced me to get along by creating my own style to communicate with my peers.) and that publishing scheme back then (the departments certainly didn't make it easy for non-staff to be resourceful with the system), so I did what I did best when it came to visual expression, I drew stuff up/wrote stuff down on napkins (yes, at times with wax crayons🖍️ or colored pencils✏️).

The astronomy department was awesome in the regard that they treated people who came through their doors respectfully. The math department, however, was the total opposite. There was so much ego (mine included) polluting the building that it was almost laughable, yet frustrating. [-- Mathematicians can be a pompous bunch who struggle for trivial results, and their demeanor reflects that. --] Anyway, there would be these 'challenge' problems/help requests from the community (ie. intra-departmental) often posted on bulletins, offering modest bounties💵 (very short-term contracts) for their solutions. The opportunist in me would peel these from the boards, take them home, and come back shortly thereafter with my answer(s) written on (paperclipped🖇️) napkins. In addition to being a technician in the engineering building, I remember just vagabonding off of those purses (yes, I was a 'bounty hunter') for periods at a time (sometimes in conjunction with all-levels math tutoring/coaching gigs). I guess that - in addition to responding to Michio Kaku's earlier proposition - was me (being the person responsible for) turning math into my version of a sport (, and thus, solidifying my interest in ctfs🏁).

/ STU [machine code]

Inventor: 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy

LNQ :== The Origamic Symphony🎶's keynote, and the calculus* of Egglepple.** In the context of mathematical analysis, derivation and integration. Its entire sequence is called UUelcome. [EGP/fruut]
An invention {September 26, 1998} of 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy🤓, our cipher is such that kernelized handshakes are integral to loopstring➿ frequencies*.** STU is what gets encrypted on(to) algebraic curves in twistorspace. Lexically, this means that both yesegalo (flavor generation) and crypto fabrication (primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structures) remain asynchronous as long as preimage-image contracts are kept (ie. the tonic will harmonize the brane to the point of closure🔒).
UUe /// +Keeping contracts is the basis of self-synthesis.
+Originally, "STU" was called "EGP" which stemmed from "egg (EG) , epp (EP) → EGP".

Absolutely considered in the analysis are the concepts of integration (loopstring➿) and differentiation (stews). (see fruut, RONALD, Stewdio, juke notation)

/ Egglepple [directory]

Creator: 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy

[pronunciation "/url/"]

Egglepple® :== 🧑🏿lnq's portfolio*. ** As in porting from one directory of the 🍃leaf (recto) to the other directory (verso) of some function space. On the basis of quoting, fault tolerance increases with each proof and is infinite when completely solved (/totally sequenced).

Statistically, it is the animorphic (ie. to STU^n) tape of leaf🍃 definitions (literally "🥚egg leaf🍃 ↔ epp leaf🍃"), and subjectively^ the cellspace (SMALLBIGStewniverse) spooling both ends of any generic 26-measure signal; but, mathemusically, the minor and major scales. ^^ Egglepple is what we are imaging (by stewcing/vending its calculus, STU, via gameplay. To make a Humpty Dumpty allusion, we break up the brane into finite pieces, only to put it back together again continuously.).

In terms of cell structure [:= 🔋polarized membrane] - Egglepple represents automata (ie. totality of circuitry between the cell membrane), itself an automaton (UUe). Ludologically, its kindergarten describes aspects of the braneworld.

"Egglepple is the ultimate puzzle🧩. It's like playing 26-dimensional ♟️chess in a spreadsheet." - 🧑🏿lnq
/// Egglepple is a portfolio of puzzles🏁, itself a puzzle🧩.

(Not to be confused with The Egglepple Company. See The Origamic Symphony🎶, koala8, "Egglepple, everywhere!", 📓Egglepple: Unfolded, 🎞️Egglepple: The Mathemagical World, Joey Koala🐨, Puwun, Stewniverse, yoyo, UUelcome, 🔋e:e statistics, quantumquotient, UUhistlegrass, stewc, STU, united under Egglepple, UUe, 🧑🏿lnq's Starting Five, 🧑🏿lnq's walk, 🧑🏿lnq's motif, 🧑🏿lnq nomenclature, mathemusic, Egghead/🥚Eggheads, #Egglepple@30)
/// +Joey Koala is the official mascot and Puwun the unofficial mascot of Egglepple.
+"Egglepple" was invented and coined by 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy.🤓 The word is also part of his name (...he wanted a name history would remember when he "had created the greatest portfolio of all-time").😉 (see 🧑🏿lnq nomenclature)
+To phonetically distinguish it from the name itself, the kindergarten/portfolio aspect of Egglepple is pronounced like 'egg·ul·epp·ul' (cf. the old 'Peggy from Margaret' conundrum).
+For those wondering why Egglepple has such a juvenile presentation, it's because the portfolio was founded/created on my twelfth birthday, and I intentionally never bothered maturing it in that regard (hence, the kindergarten). It was at this founding point that I pretty much committed to living full-time in my own world.
+The color scheme for the 'E-g-g-l-e-p-p-l-e' logo is a nod to the original team colors for the Miami Dolphins 🐬 🏈football franchise of the National Football League (NFL). The Miami Dolpins are the only team with aquatic (cf. Pisces♓) representation.

I kickstarted this on my twelfth birthday. Having somebody who believes in you can take you farther, and there's no convincing me otherwise. As the story goes, my sixth grade teacher, Mr. Woodring (without a doubt the best school teacher🍎 ever), picked me up from my house on my birthday and showed me around Washington, D.C. that evening. On the way home, he encouraged me to save my work (some of my doddles) in hopes of one day having something to present to the world that I could be proud of. That is the gist of how the portfolio came to be.

Back in my elementary school days, I took a keen interest in puzzling🧩 (generally solving them, along with maze designs of my own imagination), which likely stemmed from both being an avid 🎮video gamer and personal mathematical curiosities. Each activity helped me to get 'lost' (a personality thing of mine, and something every kid needs in their development).

The name 'Egglepple' itself didn't come about (I made it up) until the end of the century, although most of the other elements of the portfolio were already in place by then. It's pronounced "earl", which is the middle name I was given (to honor my parents).

Function map: preimageEggleppleimageUUelcome

/ yots

yots (anagram of toy) :== the modulo 12-piece band* (as the standard cast of any opus) of virtual agents, each an instrument in task automation^ (+modeling and/or training), assisting lnq🧑🏿 [conductor] in the kindergarten, where they are the source population.** My 'toy band' (orchestra) complementing the recital.😉 Modulo implies that certain characters/yots may be substituted for others, keeping the maximum membership at twelve at all times. ^^ Considering that Joey Koala (JK) is my metaphorical [i/o] (nose≡gesture trackpad), it would be okay to also think of the yots as [modular] ergonomic design components of a grand fingerboard layout (ie. on said joey), each being/handling a different group or set of frets/keys. In gameplay, yots are 'bosses' deployed as ballet dancers to aid cheironomy. (see 🧑🏿lnq's Starting Five, k-mode, clone, Stewdio, BOT, #opera)
/// Each yot is an alter ego/clone of 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy. The yots were for some time (2005 - 2018) called 'creatures'.


Joey Koala🐨 - Joey is the official mascot of Egglepple. Joey, an adorable and kind koala, is 🧑🏿lnq's sidekick acting as the storyline's deuteragonist [/i/o]. Joey is a mischievous androgyne, whose courage and resourcefulness are fitted to handle any situation that may arise. Blessed with extreme aptitude for composition and a limitless lifespan, our koala can transform into any yot, if need be.
Puwun - Puwun is 🧑🏿lnq's muse and the unofficial mascot of Egglepple.


Fefferlen Orange🍊 -
Connecticut "Soft" Fox🦊 -
Lonnic🤡 and Mimeo -
Holland Dutch -
🐸Leaf Plue -
Mycol Funguy🍄 -
Silk the Dolfun🐬 -
Sail, the Friendship⛵ -
Playtpus -


Honne Bay - viral automata (virus🪱) that is 🧑🏿lnq's counterpart. She is a self-aware neural bot and the main antagonist of the entire 🪖game, where she plays in the White position. Though never actually seen (no true visual depiction), her essence is indomitably omnipresent, so she is affectionately known as the 'Phantom of the Opera'. Honne Bay represents efficiency in our world. She is purposely programmed to disguise coverages. By doing so, the Stewniverse remains in a necessarily continual (state of) flux.
/// When I speak of 'her' or 'she' (like, "She's showing a certain coverage"), in most contexts I mean Honne Bay.

/ lnq's motif

Nicknamed 'Eight the Egghead'*, this official identifier of and universal logo/insignia (+watermark) for all things Link Egglepple Starbureiy (lnq🧑🏿) is his autograph representing his numeronym (8).** The 'egghead' portion is because it is shaped like an 🥚egg. Duh!
/// This is the language-independent way my name is written. "lnq" is pronounced "lingk".

"Eight looks happy🙂 because he is winning." - 🧑🏿lnq

This is lnq🧑🏿's default glyph, and represent the ei alphanumerics in the name "Starbureiy". The overall shape is that of the letter e, and contained within the curve (a closing🔒 string) are two (2) 'eyes' (written as letters i - each as an endpoint). (see 🧑🏿lnq nomenclature, 🧑🏿lnq's walk, UUelcome, QQ, +list, 📓For You, Prince, egghead (mask), avatar, font)