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A stewc - a mathemusical measure - :== an iterated perturbation* (sesquilinear transform) to some group of stews.** ie. ultrametric calculus To stewc is to proof some twistorspace with (an) STU encryption [more accurately, to encode STU onto a brane (tape)].

Stewcing will summon a redeemable option (the coupon) on a continuous event that is predetermined. In this case, stewcs are proxies for the statistical variance of tablature complexity, and serve to hedge some handicap. Stewcs themselves generate UUe's cryptohash (provided from seigniorage on coupons); being synonymous with coin insertion [deposit] for traditional jukebox activation and dispensing.
UUe /// It may be the case that the leaves SSS and UUU can/should be replaced by SST and UUT, respectively. This is because SSS and UUU actually are loop➰ markers (marking initiation and termination) in a sequence. Adjacent leaves cannot be coupled due to the fact that a chord (three leaves or more) is required for folding.

Within the context of stew choreography, a stewc is a play that is symmetry-breaking (to some walk) but not an endgame move, which means that it does not include: (1) the coupling of adjacent leaves, or (2) the leaves SSS and UUU [(namely (SSS,UUU) / (UUU,SSS)] in coordination. Failing to adhere to this rule would result in dissonance.

Out of the total twenty-six (26), only twenty-four (24) of them allow legal stewcs. This stems from the fact that a composition cannot lack harmony, which is to say that a loop (connected endpoints), nor adjacencies (any side-by-side coordinates) are permissible. (see Stewc Lemma, stewc tax, stewc notation, stewc button, jukepot, stewc field)
/// The sequence of leaves in a stewc is immune to start/stop identification. Meaning that it is not illegal to have an opus be of identical lettering (eg. "Opus LL").