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/ Big-O Tree

Big-O Tree (BOT!) is UUe's metre.!! Like 'algorithmic botany'.
Pursuant to symphonic compile time, BOT is our auction arguments map for measuring nuts [per brane (Egglepple) sequencing]. On this graph, each node represents a ballet and its spacetime complexity* [(PE) ∝ T].** Cache flow Thus, there are 676 (262) parent branches on the tree🌴 threading said root/trunk/branch/twig/leaf/heap ports and residue.
/// +The fitness workflow is the cumulative generation of loop➰-erased walks (ie. directory prediction algorithms).
+Although "Big-O" behaves mathematically like big O (limiting behavior of functions), the 'O' in the name is actually for 'org' (as in opus organization).

Issue-tracking and related specifications for Big-O Tree are indigenous to dev. Such specifications help sew (control fibor threading) our cellular fabric. (see bigo tree, impresario)
Function map: signatureBOT