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/ UUe [automata]

UUelcome Home
"I have a magic jukebox." - 🧑🏿lnq

Inventor: 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy | License: UUelcome
UUe® (aka 🧑🏿lnq's jukebox) :== client for stew choreography^. In streaming The Origamic Symphony🎶, it auctions + dispenses@ stews.~ ^^ Stereotype:=sequence+print. @@ A function of fugue extensibility. ~~ server actions

UUe is a kind of abstract cell. This [26-brane] automaton is an organic development from attempting to prove Q♭, a deep math 🧩puzzle* rooted in random walks. Two (2) genera abstractions are: a kernel for mathematical modeling (of auction theory applied to twistorspaces), and a method of compliance.** An over-simplified explanation of the problem is: if you take a really long (but finite) tape and split it into some countable number of smaller branes, how does that effect the computability of the tape itself?

TOS /// +UUe was originally an acronym for 'United Under economy',later changed to 'united under Egglepple'. It no longer is an acronym; it's just 'UUe' (pronounced like "whee"). However, both 'United Under economy' and/or 'united under Egglepple' are still applicable.
+UUe - a mathematical model - qualifies as a jukebox by its rotisserie, with internal operations similar to those of a cell. Realization of its utility happens via the Stewdio.
+Because u-u economics mandates that clientele in the (u-u) scheme is part of a supply chain, UUe functions like a vending machine.
+lnq is the (official) mascot of UUe. This is "🧑🏿lnq's Jukebox".
+In gameplay, UUe is the house🏠.

united under Egglepple| united under Egglepple is the unofficial (yet formal) name for UUe. This is the kernel orchestrating u-u economics - systematic configuration* of the payload by auctioning% fibor(s) from the portfolio: [SSS = (micro) through UUU = (macro)], which leverages stewc taxation.%% A necessitation of compliance. This is to say that the whole of Egglepple (particularly the nuts) is 'statistically united'; a parimutuel system is extensible and potentially twistable (u,u).

Server operations are shelled using tokenage* for auctioning and gameplay.** Kernel development is an organic reaction to gameplay. Ludologically, this conversely implies that all disjoint games are variant. Put another way, yesegalo and 🍄meshroom are self-synthetic. (see UUelcome, u-u economics, .uue, UUe interface, Juke Lemma, patch, Pink program, braine🧠🗂, Quantumquotient, DUCC🦆, #recital, Stewdio)
/// It was originally a trust that has since morphed into something much more sophisticated; a shift similar to Egglepple being re-appropriated into the the jukebox.





Function map: UUeUUelcomePajamas

/ Stewart

Composer: Link Starbureiy



Stewart's logo Stewart is the ring of all six-hundred seventy-six (676) developii# in their entirety*. An puzzle dispenser, its subject^ is rooted in BOT, thus allowing game logic to sort (via endpoint control) the portfolio (at stews) for the fitness of lnq and his walk.Each opus is a ballet. Decrypted and encrypted. Egglepple (see also lnq's Starting Five, developus, fugue, Stewniverse, Mathilda, RONALD, UUallet, creatures)

/// +This is only an 'opera' in the sense of it being a collection of opuses. We compensate for slack with the developus.

+Here, the word 'Stewart' signifies "the art of stew choreography". On an historical note, the opera was originally called Stewart's Opera. Technically, it should be classified as an opéra-ballet because each opus is its own ballet.

+We define 'fitness' as the ability to transfer currency across twistor space. Here, it implies a quotient normalization, particularly on the handicap.

This is how it will play out in rotisserie mode:
Gameplay is a continuous event; each game is it own finite runtime (opus) of the opera.

An opus is dyadic (u,u), and labeled corresponding to the start and stop leaves (verso/recto) of its string (yesegalo). In order to distinguish an opus, it is given a numerical value of its stew count, and additionally, the total weight of those cells.

So, for instance, in our example, #EX.100 [888], E (start) and X (stop) are the leaves, 100 is the stew count, and [888] is the font weight.

These alphanumeric values can be adjusted on the operatic dialpad, which, when called (select: opera button), overlays the rotisserie.

Sample key combinatorics here:




























As the prime directive of the jukebox, Mathilda is UUe's platform for making tempo adjustments. Its libretto is UUhistlegrass. (see also lnq's Starting Five, Stewart, RONALD, UUallet, tip)

This is a suite for all of the ballets in performance of The Origamic Symphony. The suite speaks to/covers the quaternary structure of Egglepple.

Mathilda hosts various extension* paradigms. This is an umbrella for all jukebox-related ballets in performance of stew choreography. Existentially, these activities encourage an ecodiversity of random coil for polynomial efficacy.Namely bubblegum, link, and spots.
Here's how the ballet will flow in rotisserie mode:
UUe's ludology revolves around folding string. More precisely, how to obtain a completely closed circuit (0b) from an open string

To do this, we progress through three (3) parts: the opening, middlegame, and endgame.

The opening is what concerns us here. Optionally, we may enter a string orientation (which confines its twistor space), called random coil. I personally call it 'scribble', because, since it can assume any shape, that's what it looks like drawn out. The important thing to remember, however, is that coil cannot cross/intersect in two dimensions (2d) (we use stew choreography instead). Note, though, that there actually is strategy involved in random coil design (hence, it's not truly random).

To input a random coil, we simply draw it in the space to the left of the 'juke' button on the rotisserie. Conversely, this space will also output (show) a result (fibor).

You can actually 'dance', so to speak, right now in Euclidean space (3D). The Stewdio's API is functional (but only for Web), you would just have to supply the hardware.
Function map: MathildaStewartUUelcome

/ STU [machine code]

Inventor: 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy

LNQ :== The Origamic Symphony🎶's keynote, and the calculus* of Egglepple.** In the context of mathematical analysis, derivation and integration. Its entire sequence is called UUelcome. [EGP/fruut]
An invention {September 26, 1998} of 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy🤓, our cipher is such that kernelized handshakes are integral to loopstring➿ frequencies*.** STU is what gets encrypted on(to) algebraic curves in twistorspace. Lexically, this means that both yesegalo (flavor generation) and crypto fabrication (primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structures) remain asynchronous as long as preimage-image contracts are kept (ie. the tonic will harmonize the brane to the point of closure🔒).
UUe /// +Keeping contracts is the basis of self-synthesis.
+Originally, "STU" was called "EGP" which stemmed from "egg (EG) , epp (EP) → EGP".

Absolutely considered in the analysis are the concepts of integration (loopstring➿) and differentiation (stews). (see fruut, RONALD, Stewdio, juke notation)

/ Egglepple [directory]

Creator: 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy

[pronunciation "/url/"]

Egglepple® :== 🧑🏿lnq's portfolio*. ** As in porting from one directory of the 🍃leaf (recto) to the other directory (verso) of some function space. On the basis of quoting, fault tolerance increases with each proof and is infinite when completely solved (/totally sequenced).

Statistically, it is the animorphic (ie. to STU^n) tape of leaf🍃 definitions (literally "🥚egg leaf🍃 ↔ epp leaf🍃"), and subjectively^ the cellspace (SMALLBIGStewniverse) spooling both ends of any generic 26-measure signal; but, mathemusically, the minor and major scales. ^^ Egglepple is what we are imaging (by stewcing/vending its calculus, STU, via gameplay. To make a Humpty Dumpty allusion, we break up the brane into finite pieces, only to put it back together again continuously.).

In terms of cell structure [:= 🔋polarized membrane] - Egglepple represents automata (ie. totality of circuitry between the cell membrane), itself an automaton (UUe). Ludologically, its kindergarten describes aspects of the braneworld.

"Egglepple is the ultimate puzzle🧩. It's like playing 26-dimensional ♟️chess in a spreadsheet." - 🧑🏿lnq
/// Egglepple is a portfolio of puzzles🏁, itself a puzzle🧩.

(Not to be confused with The Egglepple Company. See The Origamic Symphony🎶, koala8, "Egglepple, everywhere!", 📓Egglepple: Unfolded, 🎞️Egglepple: The Mathemagical World, Joey Koala🐨, Puwun, Stewniverse, yoyo, UUelcome, 🔋e:e statistics, quantumquotient, UUhistlegrass, stewc, STU, united under Egglepple, UUe, 🧑🏿lnq's Starting Five, 🧑🏿lnq's walk, 🧑🏿lnq's motif, 🧑🏿lnq nomenclature, mathemusic, Egghead/🥚Eggheads, #Egglepple@30)
/// +Joey Koala is the official mascot and Puwun the unofficial mascot of Egglepple.
+"Egglepple" was invented and coined by 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy.🤓 The word is also part of his name (...he wanted a name history would remember when he "had created the greatest portfolio of all-time").😉 (see 🧑🏿lnq nomenclature)
+To phonetically distinguish it from the name itself, the kindergarten/portfolio aspect of Egglepple is pronounced like 'egg·ul·epp·ul' (cf. the old 'Peggy from Margaret' conundrum).
+For those wondering why Egglepple has such a juvenile presentation, it's because the portfolio was founded/created on my twelfth birthday, and I intentionally never bothered maturing it in that regard (hence, the kindergarten). It was at this founding point that I pretty much committed to living full-time in my own world.
+The color scheme for the 'E-g-g-l-e-p-p-l-e' logo is a nod to the original team colors for the Miami Dolphins 🐬 🏈football franchise of the National Football League (NFL). The Miami Dolpins are the only team with aquatic (cf. Pisces♓) represention.

I kickstarted this on my twelfth birthday. Having somebody who believes in you can take you farther, and there's no convincing me otherwise. As the story goes, my sixth grade teacher, Mr. Woodring (without a doubt the best school teacher🍎 ever), picked me up from my house on my birthday and showed me around Washington, D.C. that evening. On the way home, he encouraged me to save my work (some of my doddles) in hopes of one day having something to present to the world that I could be proud of. That is the gist of how the portfolio came to be.

Back in my elementary school days, I took a keen interest in puzzling🧩 (generally solving them, along with maze designs of my own imagination), which likely stemmed from both being an avid 🎮video gamer and personal mathematical curiosities. Each activity helped me to get 'lost' (a personality thing of mine, and something every kid needs in their development).

The name 'Egglepple' itself didn't come about (I made it up) until the end of the century, although most of the other elements of the portfolio were already in place by then. It's pronounced "earl", which is the middle name I was given (to honor my parents).

Function map: preimageEggleppleimageUUelcome

/ Egglepple, everywhere!℠

"Egglepple, everywhere!" is the slogan/tagline for UUelcome. It assumes that gameplay and lnq🧑🏿 virtualizations are streaming simultaneously. This qualifies as fugue damping* (enharmonic playback) of the signal; persistence^ can be actualized by savefile propagation in some largest-scale filespace. ** A second-order derivative of orchestration. ^^ The intent is to be able to edit the full sequence🧱.
UUe /// We want to completely render (= print on-demand) the portfolio (🧩puzzle), thereby permitting filesystem access from virtually anywhere (ie. mechanically openworld). Obviously this requires updates to some class of printer driver(s).
(see 🧑🏿lnq's Requiem🙏🏿, "UUelcome, anywhere :)", The Origamic Symphony🎶, u-u economics, UUe interface, Stewdio, j-surface, cybernetics, crypto compliance, Pajamas)