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/ γ-proof

A yesegalo proof, or γ-proof (or just proof), :== a >stewcing algorithm mapping some preimage to its image. Proofing substantiates a fibor, thereby providing (its) identity clarification.!!! While also helping us draw up better heuristics. The opposite of a proof is an error. Each proof involves patching two (2) genera in T: yesegalo↔🍄meshroom.^^^ A framework for conduction: does a ballet groove with(in) the Symphony🎶?

γ-proofing tasks: determine the efficiency of an EGP encryption [ie. solve the given puzzle🧩; is the resulting fibor economical (fit within the handicap)|(u,u)=0|?].

The proof itself is scored* as a stereotype (sequenced shapeframe) in some overall random walk.** Proofs of stewc input are published (to the ledger) in stewc notation.

The end🏁 of a proof (solution) should result in the closing🔒 of a string (eg. 0b), ideally a fibor. We endeavor to find the most secure🔐 proofs by improving upon the bounds on classes of twistors. Doing so aids our MONEY-making. (see stewc notation, crypto, mathematical proof, proof.m)
/// As with the traditional printing press, the primary reason for proofing is to provide confirmation/verification that a job (done) is accurate. Doing so draws a consensus (from independent, third-party sources -- read: stewcers) for the creation of a new standard. It is important to note that proofs are unique (ie. duplication is forbidden on the circuit). All proofs are published to the ledger.
Function map: loopstring➿γ-proofMONEYquantumquotient

/ preimage

In signal processing, the preimage ("before the fold"/recto) function of a loopstring➿ configuration, :== the sequence of pencils✏️ (ie. set of intermediate states - to include SMALL branes and yesegalo) that are framed prior to the determination of an object's image. The preimage is the inverse of an image. (see random coil)
/// The preimage range is comparable to a denatured protein. Likewise, its domain could be that of subchem.

/ residue

Per image-mapping (as evident from walk topology), residue :== loose [/rational, ∈ ℚ] ¢ents🪙 (as a debit function) branched from some stew as supra-hyperlinkable property that may affect the flavor/color of its attached SMALL brane. (See yesegalo, sticker, juke tax, patch, juker's ruin. Compare sidechain)

/ yesegalo

yesegalo Yesegalo :== the flavors and their generational assignment to flageolet pencils✏️. Mathemusically, it is a "textural arpeggio". This is a game's barebone opening (its initial move, used cybernetically to control coiling).

Yesegalo (γ) is quanta of an EGP chromascheme* that is non-migrant to Egglepple. Each set is subject to encryption (γ-proofing). This is the prime part of a game's opening [minor scale].** Yellow, blue, and green.
/// Yesegalo would be part of a game's opening that is set by 🧑🏿lnq (Black), as opposed to the random coil which is usually drawn by another juker (White).

Function map: yesegaloγ-proofstew

/ minor scale

The minor scale hosts the primary structure [0-brane+yesegalo] of Egglepple. This is the raw state of EGP decryption*; where pencils✏️ are subject(ed) to coloring, but loopstring➿ is yet to be value-assigned and/or taxed. Complexity: P** More like 'un-encrypted'. We only say "decrypted" because, technically, an encryption can in fact be decrypted/reversed. (see fibor, fibor bundle, SMALL brane)

Function map: minor scalemajor scale → ... groovefiborfibor bundle

/ l:q ratio


/ bamboo

Bamboo is the colloquy for 'yesegalo'. Applicable to non-chords (dissonance), the complete foldset of symmetry-breaking jukes in reference to bamboo is internally ramified, and respectively named after the plant's main consumers: gorilla, lemur, panda