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/ zero-bubble

The zero-bubble (also written as "0-bubble" or "0b") or "lock" :== a bubble shapeframe (stereogram*) with no inflatons (scalar fields responsible for blowup from a single point [0-brane]).** Greater than or equal to three (3) spatial dimensions.

A 0b is a type of homeomorphism [map reduction] as a totally twisted loop➰ (ie. integration in twistorspace down to one ¢ent🪙), and formally marks the end of a proof.🔲→🎯 (see goal, open string, identity, font, crypto, MONEY)
/// The supposition for 'zero' (+/-) is that when tabulating the yield, all spots on the mesh which would allow for an opening, vanish (0,0).

Locks are the ideal [most secure🔐] ¢ent🪙 structures [signed certificates] for a closed🔒 string, as measured by absolute compliance to its handicap. Ludologically, they are part of the endgame [statistical inference to egg(+) or epp(-)]. Taken by themselves as 'flags'🏁, zero-bubbles (frictionless assets = spread(0)) are considered solved puzzles🧩 (ie. completely mapped/encrypted/melodic/folded) when it comes to juking. {input = output, /return = [0]}
Function map: open stringstew choreographylockfibor