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/ The Egglepple Company

The Egglepple Company (or just Egglepple) is the pseudonym given to what is now known as Egglepple (kindergarten). It was an incorporated@ business entity in various states throughout the United States of America prior to its deprecation, reorganization, and later inclusion into 🧑🏿lnq.@@ Reference: Ohio Secretary of State's Office

Historically, Egglepple was the very first establishment to be a standalone/independent recreational mathematics+ enterprise (+:=contract-based, sometimes ghostwriting for academe from 10/2000 - 02/2001 (also of interest The Stewart Ellis Company - Gobotech, Link Starbury Network, #305)
/// pm:=pure mathematics, am:=applied mathematics. (see Funshine/Toonlight)

"Egglepple" is the middle name of 🧑🏿Link Egglepple Starbureiy, after whom the company is called, and by whom the entity was created. It spawned from the unincorporated/unorganized Egglepple portfolio (for toy [🧩puzzle] design, circa 1991).
/// Nowadays, the 'company' portion is assumed to be my roster (of characters/personalities +gallery) and the yots.

I attended The Ohio State University foremost to gain access to its aero facilities and research laboratories (I worked in aero/astro at HCGL-R1). As a student, I 'dabbled'; never settling on a major/minor. Back then, I put in my time roving the halls of the mathematics, physics/astronomy, and chemistry departments, as well. I was fairly new in that world ("publish or perish") and really wasn't familiar with LaTeX (I still don't like it -- tmi: I am notoriously bad with grasping foreign languages, and as more of a visual person, reading modern mathematical notation - of which Latin & Greek is the foundation - was a weak suit for me. Sometimes I felt like and have been called an idiot for not bothering to master the syntax because "real" mathematicians seem to rely on it, but my rationale is that the world is operating entirely on holograms, algorithms, music to some extent, and genetic code, not formulae, and so mathematical modeling [mathmod] is my preferred method for ideation. This forced me to get along by creating my own style to communicate with my peers.) and that publishing scheme back then (the departments certainly didn't make it easy for non-staff to be resourceful with the system), so I did what I did best when it came to visual expression, I drew stuff up/wrote stuff down on napkins (yes, at times with wax crayons🖍️ or colored pencils✏️).

The astronomy department was awesome in the regard that they treated people who came through their doors respectfully. The math department, however, was the total opposite. There was so much ego (mine included) polluting the building that it was almost laughable, yet frustrating. [-- Mathematicians can be a pompous bunch who struggle for trivial results, and their demeanor reflects that. --] Anyway, there would be these 'challenge' problems/help requests from the community (ie. intra-departmental) often posted on bulletins, offering modest bounties💵 (very short-term contracts) for their solutions. The opportunist in me would peel these from the boards, take them home, and come back shortly thereafter with my answer(s) written on (paperclipped🖇️) napkins. In addition to being a technician in the engineering building, I remember just vagabonding off of those purses (yes, I was a 'bounty hunter') for periods at a time (sometimes in conjunction with all-levels math tutoring/coaching gigs). I guess that - in addition to responding to Michio Kaku's earlier proposition - was me (being the person responsible for) turning math into my version of a sport (, and thus, solidifying my interest in ctfs🏁).