Link Starbury Network

Link Starbury Network (LSN) was the original name (circa February 28, 1997) of the proprietorship now known as 🧑🏿Link Egglepple Starbureiy.

It started out as his senior project, before branching into an umbrella of works (namely exploiting properties from the then-untitled Egglepple [puzzle🧩] portfolio carried over from his gradeschool years).
/// The project was a technical piece with a creative arts supplement to it [see Robot]. I elected to do something for math class, and my idea was loosely about membranes and the faux physics of some made up object called the 'orbitron'. ← Ask me about it later.

LSN would morph into a mathemusical focus by 1998, after Starbureiy began working on the EGP Keynote. (also of interest The Egglepple Company)
/// The name was later modified in the year 2000 to reflect the personal change in the founder's identity, which included the alphanumeric e and i in his surname. (see 🧑🏿Link Egglepple Starbureiy nomenclature)

I credit LSN as my foray into the world of professionalism. I consider myself to be a professional athlete of sorts, in the direct mold of mathletics. So, the establishment of LSN marks the point on my timeline when I 'went and turned pro'.

Trivia: My decision to 'go pro' at that time, more-or-less was influenced by two of my favorite sports icons, Kobe Bryant🏀 and Tiger Woods⛳, who also had graduated from the amateur ranks months prior (in 1996). These fellow Black men quickly found success, and I didn't want to get left behind, so, in the spirit of me wanting to become a gameshow host, I followed suit (by inventing my own game+league and just going at it). ... We'll just ignore for a second the fact that I more truthfully made this advancement because I was flat broke at the time (the week just before I became a legal adult), and got sick+tired of embarassing myself begging(?) for lunch money (in other words, I turned professional because wanted to work on my own for my own money, not because I was under some celebratory influence). -- Also, just for the record, a rookie Kobe (#8) was my all-time favorite player in the NBA [aside: we both wore our heads bald👨🏿‍🦲 in 1996-1997, though for different reasons]. I fancied Tiger🐯 because golf (and the mental resolve that comes from it which I find admirable) is a capture-the-flag🏁-type of game between a person and Nature, which is similar to what I do.

Trivia: Two other 🏀basketball players whom I thought were cool, Stephon Marbury and Allen Iverson, were also on my radar at the time due to them being in the same draft class as Kobe. Stephon's nickname was 'Starbury', which was the name I used when making presentations in those days. Allen Iverson - given the nickname 'A.I.' - played at Georgetown (Hoyas) prior to being drafted by Philadelphia. Putting both nicknames together yields something like 'Starbureiy', if you think about it.😉 (see lnq nomenclature)

In elementary school I would obsessively draw mazes all day just for fun. I think I invested so much time doing so in part because the trauma of enduring a lot of personal domestic stife mixed with my autism led me to wanting to spend all of my time in a world that I had created for myself. This resulted in me having stopped caring about school (or at least the academics) after my sixth grade year (my favorite as well as one of the most wonderful years of my life😊) with Mr. Michael Woodring (the best 🍎school teacher ever, and the person whom I consider my mentor -- also a shoutout to principals Joseph N. Rucker and Marvin Spratley, as well as the 🧹custodian Mr. Whitney for similar appreciation), and so - to my parents chagrin - I became a poor pupil; my marks were terrible as I maintained a bad habit of tardiness/skipping a lot of class(es) and falling behind in homework. I did, however, ace standardized exams, and around this time had developed a reputation of being a 'Mr. Solve-It'.

A natural loner and independent, I came to resent the school setting (ie. student body, administration). For those reasons, I wasn't wanting or expecting to continue my education (ie. college -- I only had one scholarship offer coming out of high school); my career path had been defined (but not yet refined) already.

That pivotal Winter, I was looking for a sophisticated 🧩puzzle to work on (so that I could realistically call myself a 'professional' and be able to self-support my dreams) or to at least pad my portfolio in case I optioned to matriculate to an art institute (because I lacked sufficient training in the 'proper' methods of industrial toy design+illustration🧸🎨). What eventually ended up happening was that I later stumbled upon Michio Kaku's book, Hyperspace - where he proposed string field theory, after it was recommended to me by a classmate in our final semester. That book, as well as the movies Men In Black and Contact, which premiered that Summer, solified my interest in pursuing astronomy (amounting to me deducing 🧠neuroscience from astronomy). By the following year, I had laid the groundwork for the EGP keynote in chasing a solution.


Founded in February 1997, 🧑🏿Link Egglepple Starbureiy (lnq) is a sole proprietorship managing the career of its owner (namesake), and flagship, UUe®. The LES philosophy is to utilize defensive disclosure, whereby intellectual property (IP) becomes prior art upon intentional forfeiture of patent application code. lnq is replete with assets that are constantly used as penetration points.