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/ UUe interface

The UUe [jukebox (+active kernel)] interface is a virtual project-ion/or (streams of bytes as a file descriptor abstracted over the virtual filesystem namespace layer*) of the Stewdio as well as other intuitive components for juking and feedback/playback.** kernel-provided

Per some vision system, it maps a graphical user interface on surfaces (where metaphors can be used), a natural user interface in juke field (à la with augmentation gear like goggles), and an i nterface, otherwise.
/// The ".i" is for 'intelligence', as in an artificial intelligence or (thanks to me😊) "animation intelligence". It generally falls under 'openscience'.
This driver's runtime (taking into consideration that the jukebox can still be put to use without computability) serves as an artificially intelligent preimage-image compositor ["pic"] native to crowd computing (technically a feeder of genetic algorithms to the client). (see lnq🧑🏿, joey, Stewniverse, k-mode, Pink Poem, toonage, Easter, Egglepple, everywhere!, #skin)