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- This is a versioned (continuously updated) proof providing computational insight into biochemical* pathologies supporting the entire cell signaling pipeline and its systems. The belief is that a comprehensive solution to the so-called protein folding problem is crucial to proteomics - inferring a major medical⚕️ frontier. We are using artificial intelligence (ai) and innovative cinematography for our data gathering+processing in an openscience initiative.

..Also around this time, the Michael J. Fox🦊 Foundation - which specializes in Parkinson's disease research - issued a public prize for the radiotracing of alpha-synuclein. My solution to that problem, if accepted, utilizes computational chemistry on a scale of supercomputing. I devised for this to be done over a distributed network of mobile phones📱. The plan is to use the idle processors on said devices to form a distributed supercomputer (the world's largest) to compute - among other things - molecular holograms. It will run at least at exaFLOP scale, thereby mimicking the processing power of the human brain🧠, which is ideal for studying neuroproteomics. The computer + tools should then be available for openscience.


++ Cover molecule is a model made from Foldit. I'm not sure if it's an actual protein or not (as it has no relevance here), but it looks cool, so I used it.😊

"Brandywine is at war,
bing ai Philadelphia Pennsylvania on fire burning at night and it's my fault." - Pascha


++ Above renderings were generated from ai prompts on Bing.com (as marked). They are not official images from this production or even real pictures for that matter, but only used to convey ideas.
Q: Where to get updates?
A: Easter is a layered augmented reality experience (LARE) that gets frequent updates, FREE-of-charge. Downloadables and other intermediaries available right here @ https://easter.uuelco.me.
Q: (rumor) Is this a Disney/Comcast thing, yes or nah?
A: No. Easter is an independent startup (©LES); also, the work is peer produced. I'm making it to bring high-volume traffic to: site (https://uuelco.me), requisite to winning the numbers game in solving molecules.

Disney owns Fox which is the parent of the Die Hard franchise. Comcast owns Universal, and both companies are partnered on Hulu into 2024. Neither company is involved in this, although I do know someone employed at the Mouse House.😉

Speculation may have arisen because the story takes place in Philadelphia (where Comcast is headquartered), and the AR technology supporting it has Xfinity as its preferred vendor (ie. that customer base should get the best network deal).

Q: Why name him "Pascha"?
A: Frank Sinatra as Joe Leland, Bruce Willis as John McClane [Courtesy 20th Century Studios, for reference only. No IP infringement intended.]Good segue. "Pascha" translates as "Easter". There were some competing pitches for a cancelled[e] potential sixth Die Hard / seventh Detective feature. The others never materialized, and Easter took the Fair Use route (attachment to a science project), but in doing so forfeited certain character attributes. We're talking about the same guy, though.
Q: Bruce is loose?
A: Bruce Willis 'retired' from acting in 2022 because of illness. Ironically, it's the same class of sickness that is the focus of this story. That is not to say that Mr. Willis could not make an appearance here (albeit in a limited capacity) if the right circumstances ($$$) came along.

An impromptu poll was taken (by me) asking random people if they thought John McClane can be played by some other actor convincingly. They all said no; agreeing that Willis is the best person for bringing the character to life on screen. With that in mind, the magic of artificial intelligence grants us a work-around. Easter is pseudoconflated from Roderick Thorp's books: The Detective and Nothing Lasts Forever. They were written from the perspective of the third-person, and Pascha will primarily be conveyed as such via ventriloquy here. That gives us room with which to play, since we wouldn't actually need to see him; he'll move throughout in the first-person relaying events. Still, the audience will at least be treated to Bruce Willis' voice.😉

Q: If you have a buttercup with no butter, then what's in the cup?
A: Hmmm.🤔

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