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- This is a versioned (continuously updated) proof providing computational insight into biochemical* pathologies supporting the entire cell signaling pipeline and its systems. The belief is that a comprehensive solution to the so-called protein folding problem is crucial to proteomics - inferring a major medical⚕️ frontier. We are using artificial intelligence (ai) and innovative cinematography for our data gathering+processing in an openscience initiative.

..Also around this time, the Michael J. Fox🦊 Foundation - which specializes in Parkinson's disease research - issued a public prize for the radiotracing of alpha-synuclein. My solution to that problem, if accepted, utilizes computational chemistry on a scale of supercomputing. I devised for this to be done over a distributed network of mobile phones📱. The plan is to use the idle processors on said devices to form a distributed supercomputer (the world's largest) to compute - among other things - molecular holograms. It will run at least at exaFLOP scale, thereby mimicking the processing power of the human brain🧠, which is ideal for studying neuroproteomics. The computer + tools should then be available for openscience.


++ Cover molecule is a model made from Foldit. I'm not sure if it's an actual protein or not (as it has no relevance here), but it looks cool, so I used it.😊
++ Below renderings were generated from ai prompts on Bing.com (as marked). They are not official images from this production or even real pictures for that matter, but only used to convey ideas.

"Brandywine is at war,
bing ai Philadelphia Pennsylvania on fire burning at night and it's my fault." - Pascha

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