🎭'Lily' in Easter

Lily, stepdaughter of Pascha[description:= λ White female, 40-42 years /// character:= single mother of (adopted) twin preschoolers, Antoney and Isabell Ndongo, on the cusp of 'finding' herself, an intelligence operative (= technical admin. + government liason) employed as a close business associate of Maundy, cutthroat, over-sexualized, very calculated, fast-paced MBA-type who - as team lead (pod = Lily, Gruber, Ellis) - is just as invested as her boss in making sure the company is in a secure position, super stressed, sides with her mother in despising her dad but would be unsure why if she did some self-introspection, clinically diagnosed with anxiety disorder and manic depression]

Gina Martino