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Pascha&, protagonist/antagonist -- a notorious retired ensign[description:= α White male, 60s years /// character:= heroic, a first-rate detective of extraordinary ability with an irascible militant itch, gunslinger, country at his core, hard-headed, southpaw, claustrophobic, aged+diseased, grossly flawed and deeply insecure, oft-soliloquous, has an affinity for Greek mythology, drunk and suffering from chronic blackouts, funny, habitual yet improvisational, lucky but unfortunate (the only son of Jake and Rachel (both deceased) - his paternal half-brother, Benjamin "Benny" is a lost soul), instinctive, experienced, seasoned, now at the stage where he is remorseful, relocated/switched cities (Elsewhere→Brandywine) for professional purposes, a severely skeptical 🍀Scots-Irish Catholic, our random walker, modeled partially after John McCain, Roy Rogers, and Brett Favre]Conveyed with ventriloquy and allegory.

aged Bruce Willis

Who killed Pascha?

-- That question is the tagline. For reference, 'Pascha' ("Pash") is the generic name (meaning 'Easter') being used here for none other than that dude from The Detective series. --

For legal purposes we have to remain generic, but we can recognize that there's only one person that fits the description.

"Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!" - Pascha

A little backstory, I started the Easter project as a response to a Parkinson's disease bounty (imaging alpha-synuclein) offered by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The technology created in accomplishing that has little to do with this article, so it shouldn't be further mentioned, just know the idea for Pascha being ill with neurodegneration was originally an off-shoot of a science problem.

Anyway, our guy's in trouble...

Bruce Willis* had mentioned over the years that he'd be open to acting a conclusive telling of his most well-known character if done right. There were other writers that made their submissions 'somewhere', but since I'm an arrogant s.o.b., mine obviously made the cut. Bringing his story to conclusion was challenging because I wasn't sure where to start.

We know that he's older these days. Entering old age for him has been especially painful because of his yesteryear heroics. He's been bruised, beaten up, escaped near-death situations, and he also is/was a habitual chain smoker🚬. Coupled, those things alone are enough to have serious (side) effects on the body (and mind). I figured he'd probably be an 🍺alcoholic, as well, to cope. That right there may be a precursor to diabetes, which Type-3 of the disease is essentially Alzheimer's. So, now he has a 'natural' progression into declining mental+physical health.

He's slower, too, which is normal. But here it's noticeable because he's scared, and retired. Pascha did a lot of dirty things in his past, and now he has to own up to them. He's a responsible person, but his demons are occupying nearly all of his emotions. It's hard to live life full-throttle when you're constantly looking over your shoulder (metaphorically-speaking). Was there something he missed? Is there anything worthy to look forward to? These are serious questions.

Our guy is depressed.

Depression can lead to 🧠brain cavities, which can cause dysfunction in basic neurological activity. Poor 🧠brain health is a possible contributing factor in neurodegeneration, of which Parkinson's may be a symptom. You see where this is going.

He doesn't like himself very much these days, but, he's in good company. He's pissed off so many people over the years, he just assumes he has enemies wherever he goes. As decorated as his career may have been, Pascha never felt that he deserved 'thanks'. He's at the realist point in his life - nearing its end.

Hospice nurses have reported patients seeing loved ones only revealed to their 👀sights in the time leading up to their deaths. There's also the so-called 'rally'; where a patient who is otherwise dying, makes one last hurrah for a brief period of well-being before passing. We're not quite sure what Pascha is experiencing, but he damn sure is hallucinating (an actual symptom of Parkinson's).

That said, he's still one of the world's finest detectives. He's still a fighter. He's still a pain in the ass. He's still Pascha. And most importantly, he's still alive.

"I was a fool to think otherwise .. the only thing that matters in the end is what loves you back." - Pascha

"All things being equal, I'd rather be in Brandywine." - Pascha