🎭'Alven' in Easter

Reginald VelJohnson as Al Powell.

Alven, deuteroganist[description:= β Black male, mid-60s years /// character:= retired police sergeant having a decades-long friendship with Pascha, a jolly-go-lucky retiree who is always there when you need him🙂, his only real concern these days is for his nephew, Albert, who is following in his footsteps and joining the TPD, enjoys his hobbies and spending time with his grandchildren, resides in Babson Park, FL but is arriving in Philadelphia for Pascha's badge honoring party, bothered by a nagging spider🕷️ bite that is restricting his ambulation, probably the sole person with insight into Egg's playbook]

Video game entries aside, we last saw Sergeant Al Powell, in uniform, briefly in Die Hard 2 (1990). Well, the wait is over. Reginald VelJohnson will reprise his signature character, deuteragonist Alven, in my 🧼opera, Easter's, first chord, Die, Detective!.
/// Information supplied here has been valid since October 2017.

"This guy, Egg, is scary, John. You're going to need my help, even if you don't want it." - Alven

Powell and Leland, now both retired, have actually become good friends since the fateful events of Nothing Lasts Forever, and are seasonal fishing buddies on the Clark Fork River. This happy-go-lucky guy is always there when you need him, and given Pascha's knack for bad timing, there's a not-so-slight chance his friend will come calling in this episode.

As an aside, I gave Powell the full first name of 'Alven', as it wasn't stated in Thorp's novel. Also, since the prelude leads up to the crescendo (ChordH), pay attention because we find that Alven has an idle nephew named 'Albert', who himself is strongly considering a career in law enforcement, possibly influenced by his "legendary" uncle.