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people helping people

Easter is a peer production.

Seeking: code and artists. Be involved.

thank you


$30 - underwriter credit: your name in the credits+code, [shipping NOW]


"they don't make quality stuff anymore."
tweak the narrative. win. do people proud.


**Non-union gigs available to contractors* [1099]. EOE. Apply in chat💬 and contribute in bits^.I coined the term 'rabbit' from 🐇RAB+bit, as in 'do your bit').🤓 bottom line - the more carrots🥕 earned = bigger share of grand prize. Contractors must independently draft their own negotiable contracts.**

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help wanted

- Android/iOS sdk programmer
- automation engineer
- network architect
- mathematician
- chemist
- 🎨concept artist
- special/visual effects
- **military consultant**
- **actors**
- **crew**
- **construction worker**
- **set artisan**
- **clerk**
- **music**

+Android/iOS sdk programmer [🥕] - going off the jukebox api and assets to develop enhancements to the Google Daydream (Android, Unity, Unreal, web) sdk for Easter. For the most part, our engine consists of intelligent isometries applied to the camera (complex reality/augmented reality elements super-imposed on locations). -- do you think your team can ship a monetizable app (beta) with continuous predictable updates throughout production? Show me your codebase. [## Python seems to be the way to go, these days. ##]

+automation engineer [🥕] - wanted: a simulator. Will you build it? We need somebody who can prototype interfaces for self-driving vehicles (think of scenarios with lots of traffic). You are a full-stack developer who is comfortable+proficient with predictive analytics relative to machine learning [cluster analysis, generative adversarial networks], genetic algorithms, and data science. Tensorflow/PyTorch expertise is a must. MATLAB/GNU Octave is your friend.

+network architect [🥕] - you love big data. Our MMO's database engine must support some multiple of millions of players.😅 Be comfortable with the underlying principles of neural networking and network topology since we're ingesting hugebytes of data across a distributed cloud (GCP, Azure, AWS). The video encoding/decoding platform is leveraging Chromium (cf. Chrome, Edge, Blink engine) for browser support. Our network has to stay up and remain secure🔐; reliable and active internet connection is crucial for obvious reasons - we're aiming for 25-30mbps for 1080p resolution at 60fps to start. Eventually, we'll get to 4k-8k resolution (as the industry adopts 5G), but the main concern here is manipulating bitrates (for instance, HD streaming of television uses ~3gb/hr, double+ for 4k) [rule: more internet bandwidth → higher bitrate → greater image quality]. We'll run a very small intranet that will need monitoring/sysadmin. Industry certification a plus!

+mathematician [🥕] - wizards sought. Overall, this is a computational math problem. Your tensor analysis (ie. geometric sums, partial differentials, number theory, etc.) game is on-point, as your level of conceit won't let you fail (just focus and think!). We train our ai by finding increasingly sophisticated acoustic bounds on twistorspaces, which are some of the most challenging algorithms in the wild. A firm grasp of string theory (with emphasis on 'theory') will take you far. We are also interested in signal-level compression schemes (ie. compressive/sparsed sampling). I can see the smile on your face now when you discover that the Millennium Problems are organic to the compute layer. Jam with me.

+concept artist [🥕] - draw, draw, draw, and draw some more! -- proficiency with variety of vector graphics programs (Corel, Adobe/GIMP, MS Paints, etc. w/ brushes: watercolor, camel hair, airbrush, crayon/oil pastel, grease pencil), strong 2D/3D modeling and CAD. Skills in cartooning and character animation (/animatics) with said tools is a plus! Fine artists will spend their time building assets and designing subd mockups. You will work directly alongside me illustrating whatever I dream up (eg. the libretto, etc.), as well as interfacing with the actors and engineers when they need sketchwork. --- can you do stuff like this?

+special/visual effects [🥕] - develop believable digital assets that are seamlessly placed into real-world settings and environments (in this case, outdoors Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa 1978 - 1980, and today). I'd rather you use an opensource modeler, like Blender (.blend), Unity, and/or FreeCAD (parametrics), rather than the commercial products like Houdini or the Autodesk family (eg. Maya, 3D Max, Fusion 360) wherever possible. Ability to duplicate visuals from still photos with excellent judgment on real-world dynamics+phenomena is a must. Your animations should be A+. Trust me when I say that this is something that you will be doing ALL DAY and that it will consume you.

+military consultant [negotiable] - help draft* schematics for wargaming in an urban landscape (+beached seascape). An ideal candidate will have experience in actual combat (deployed), ROTC/Naval ROTC, and/or be a solid player in real-time tactics video games such as Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Sniper Elite, and Battlefield -- in these scenarios, we need to know - given certain time constraints - what is feasible versus infeasible in urban guerrilla warfare. Considering that Philadelphia, PA is a relatively large layout with many rowhouses, sidestreets, a trolley/elevated transit system, and on two rivers ([a]+[b]), how would battalions attack each other with limited munitions in that setting? --- if you're a gamer, demo your vids on YouTube with the hashtag: #wargamingforEasterOperaData trained on UUe.i.

/// Gamers, whose efforts are appreciated😉, are not going to be compensated.🙁 You should, however, be signed-up for AdSense so that you can enjoy the revenue you get from playing games on your channel. If your strategies are used in the final cut, you will receive credit (as your screenname).
+actors [negotiable (hourly)] - both dry and wet. A dry actor (rehearsal aid) is someone who helps with fleshing out a scene, particularly assisting the concept artists to better communicate+illustrate their renderings (for the wets). These individuals are not expected to have screen time. On the otherhand, a wet actor will audition for a role to be seen by a wide audience. --- dry actors might be selected from local talent; wet actors should frequent the film office bulletin in Philly (film.org), and elsewhere online (eg. Backstage.com). All hired actors and/or crew must be non-union [SAG/AFTRA/AEA=no].* ---- actors please demo your reel on YouTube (at your discretion, make selection public, or unlisted if you only want someone like me to be able to view it) with the hashtag: #actingforEasterOperaOr, at least commit to being de-unionized while on set. The reason no SAG/AFTRA/AEA (scam alert!) is preferred is because I don't want a union trying to bully me or getting in the way of what I'm trying to accomplish. Besides, this being a peer production absolves us of unionization. I can't have actors or crew or anybody for that matter, slowing down production with a list of demands for working terms; if I have to work a certain style (long hours, etc.), then you have to work that same way. // En lieu of this, offered to hirees is an exceptional benefits package.
All acting assignments are paid gigs that will receive credit.

@Attention: casting🎭 call announcement📣

who's in this?
cast, crew roster

- Pascha&, protagonist/antagonist -- a notorious retired ensign[description:= α White male, 60s years /// character:= a first-rate detective of extraordinary ability with an irascible militant itch, gunslinger, country at his core, hard-headed, southpaw, claustrophobic, aged+diseased, grossly flawed and deeply insecure, oft-soliloquous, has an affinity for Greek mythology, drunk and suffering from chronic blackouts, funny, habitual yet improvisational, lucky but unfortunate (the eldest son of Jake and Rachel (both deceased) - his brother, Benjamin "Benny" is a lost soul), instinctive, experienced, seasoned, now at the stage where he is remorseful, relocated/switched cities (Elsewhere→Philly) for professional purposes, a severely skeptical 🍀Irish Catholic, our random walker, modeled partially after John McCain, Roy Rogers, and Brett Favre]Conveyed with ventriloquy from both a voice actor and computer graphics, as necessary.
- Annie Starke as Maundy Lindros, coloratura[description:= ε White female, 70s years (30s years in 1978 flashback), Swedish heritage /// character:= an eccentric and aloof genius who views few as intellectual peers, a classically trained physicist, accomplished (William & Mary PhD in Physics at age 16 -- research on extraterrestrial viscosity dynamics // thesis: "Quantum Leaps in the Material Science of Alloys" -- she remains the youngest person ever elected to the American Academy of Engineering[w]), ultra-conservative of high society pedigree (heiress to the Lindros FlyerCast & Irons, Ltd. company), ambitious entrepreneur with a knack for being in the right place at the right time, has carefully crafted her public persona in order to avoid suspicion, perceptive, callous, willing to do whatever it takes so that the rules are bent in her favor, a not-so-well-known phantom figure that works behind-the-scenes (doesn't get hands dirty/meticulously covers tracks), hates repeating herself, territorial, competitive, proud, immediate, urbane with her head full of white hair, regal, minimalist, mute and blind (visually impaired, born with both blindness and alalia but with heightened senses otherwise, expresses herself using a keyboard) but with an eye on the big picture, prefers her money do the talking, she's committed to her business (moonlights as a shipping magnate) and lives by the pericope 'You deserve what you let happen to you.'] and Ember Libitina, Attorney General Emerita and mayoral candidate[description:= ζ White female, 70s years (30s years in 1978 flashback) /// character:= a charming but deadly Philadelphia prosecutor (nicknamed the 'Duchess of Death' because she frequently seeks the death penalty for the convicted) who - with her juvenile demeanor - convincingly masks a brutal sociopathic personality, running for mayor in this special election which she is campaigning for "redevelopment", clever, retired but has never truly forfeited her power, obsessed with destiny, a greedy IJ Syndicate holdover from the Frank Rizzo era, deliberately willing to call for wholesale assassinations, looseley modeled after non-particular 20th Century Philadelphia district attorneys and Joker (indirectly)]
- Darby "Theo" Park, kingpin[description:= θ Black male, 20-25 years /// character:= a sophisticated Robin Hood-esque megalomaniacal high-IQ biohacker largely reputed as 'the brightest criminal on the streets', rogue, ambitious, swag whore, former computer security consultant who authored the 'fabl3' payload, now a wanted criminal (for unlawful pharmacauticals, and declaration of terrorist biowarfare/violation of the BWC) who is the subject of a joint CGSI+DEA hunt (and has been for three years), notorious and feared leader of an extremely dangerous criminal network arisen from East Philly, bitter from recent personal life experiences, tempered with Napoleon complex; sees the world as full of 'winners' or 'losers', seeks the truth and wants absolute control over the game]
- Brock Vickers as Gunyo "Little Gun" Gruber, a member of Lily's pod[description:= White male, early-30s years, tall at 6'3'' /// character:= cunning staff counsel, meticulous / by-the-book, diligent, dutiful, and sacrificial in the sense that he's willing to go above and beyond, a hired Pinkerton possessing latent military skills, a boy scout/G.I. Joe-type and gym rat addicted to dietary supplements, an amateur magician with a penchant for pranks as well as being a master of special effects, talks in a bizarre off-Australian twang]
- Link Egglepple Starbureiy's signature motif🧑🏿Link Starbureiy[i] as Egg, monody[description:= Δ Black male, 40-ish years, this guy's resemblance to Link Starbureiy is uncanny😉 /// character:= leader of the 'Four Horsemen' (the "🦍silverback" of his troop), a firefighter👨🏿‍🚒 by trade who is anti-heroic, anti-hype, wise🦉, provocative, reactionary, raw, seething, extreme, schizophrenic/crazed, ruthless+lawless, a vicious misfit, militant, genocidal and careless of internecine, wrathful, bellicose and on his bully wanting others to 'feel his pain', no joke, not easily fooled, merciless, bold and hard, fearless+🦁lionhearted, believes himself to be the 🐑sheep/goat/ram🐏 on a crusade for freedom] and lnq, interface, UUe

/[supporting cast]
- Reginald VelJohnson as Alven, deuteroganist[description:= β Black male, mid-60s years /// character:= retired police sergeant having a decades-long friendship with Pascha, a jolly-go-lucky retiree who is always there when you need him🙂, his only real concern these days is for his nephew, Albert, who is following in his footsteps and joining the TPD, enjoys his hobbies and spending time with his grandchildren, resides in Babson Park, FL but is arriving in Philadelphia for Pascha's badge honoring party, bothered by a nagging spider🕷️ bite that is restricting his ambulation, probably the sole person with insight into Egg's playbook]
- Mel Gibson as Gasben, deuteroganist[description:= β White male, mid-60s years /// character:= generally a 'loose cannon' but comfortable working alongside his longtime partner, Rowan, skilled in hand-to-hand combat with extensive military training, easily triggered, holds a grudge (including against Pascha), has arrived in Philadelphia for Pascha's badge honoring party, absolutely does not want to be here]
- Danny Glover as Rowan, deuteroganist[description:= β Black male, 70s years /// character:= retired detective alongside his buddy cop partner, Gasben, prefers the quiet life but comes with a flair for the dramatic, a down-to-earth family man, has arrived in Philadelphia for Pascha's badge honoring party]
- Bunny, understudy of Pascha[description:= White female, early-30s years, thicc build (5'6'', 150lbs.-- must really be able to "squeeze in them jeans"), strong features of her Greek/Mediterranean heritage (dark hair/eyes) /// character := on loan from the NCIS, she looks nice but she's not nice, imposing and intimidating, sly, bold, opportunistic, a cold and conniving dyke]📣
- Eógan Curran, mayor of township[description:= Black male, 50-55 years, must be able to nail the Philadelphia accent /// character:= privileged, seasoned demagogue, aggressive, and power thirsty, a typical two-faced political bullshitter, a hypochondriac]📣
- Gina Martino as Lily, daughter of Pascha [description:= λ White female, 40-42 years /// character:= single mother of (adopted) twin preschoolers, Antoney and Isabell Ndongo, on the cusp of 'finding' herself, an intelligence operative (= technical admin. + government liason) employed as a close business associate of Maundy, cutthroat, over-sexualized, very calculated, fast-paced MBA-type who - as team lead (pod = Lily, Gruber, Ellis) - is just as invested as her boss in making sure the company is in a secure position, super stressed, sides with her mother in despising her dad but would be unsure why if she did some self-introspection, clinically diagnosed with anxiety disorder and manic depression]
- Pallas Olopong (Red* Horseman), one of Egg's henchmen[description:= Black male of Ghanaian descent, 30-ish years /// character:= an architect apprentice who yearns to extend his family name and reputation but has been reticent to take the next step, professional student-type, humble and milquetoast, takes orders well, is afraid that maybe both sides of the fight are equally wrong]📣
- Dominique "Fer" Noah, neighborhood imam[description:= Black male, 60s years (20s years in 1978 flashback) /// character:= he can preach until the moon turns blue, but secretly is deep-down tired of the choir itself, embittered, lately finds himself babysitting Tharbis' kids, originally from Newport News but 'caught up' in Pennsylvania, he's been waiting for someone like Egg - who he views as a prophet - to come along .. perhaps as a means to hide his own dark past, hardcore, a real G who can get whatever you need as long as you don't ask how he got it, modeled (indirectly) after the Stewart brothers]📣
- Muck Raker, desk reporter[description:= White male, 50-ish years /// character:= arrogant, opinionated, conservative-slanted and obnoxious anchor who considers himself Beltway cognoscenti for a major television network based in the nation's capital, he is an influential (baiting his rightwing followers into believing the worst of the liberal citizenry) free-wheeling media personality who provides the audience with puppy-eyed play-by-play political commentary on the events of Easter, acting somewhat as its narrator (present-day) and inadvertent comic relief, loosely modeled after TCT]📣
- Eddie George as Iggy Veracruz, Green SEAL special ops commander (20th Special Forces Group, Baltimore)[description:= Latino/Hispanic male, 40-45 years, Central American heritage /// character:= a Texas-bred, tough-as-nails/'hard ass'/commando field general]📣

/[auxillary cast]
- Wendy Roberts, hospice care nurse⚕️[description:= White female, 50-55 years, stout /// character:= a lonely hopeless romantic (who is just now starting to accept that men never cared about her credentials) crushing on Pascha, by-the-book and professional to a fault, evidences her latent sassiness with desperate/deliberate but subtle showcasing of her décolletage]
- Rock Hefner as Bobbe Penn, WSTU radio personality and talent manager (1978 flashback)[description:= Black male, late-40s years /// character:= produces shows at the Uptown Theater (modeled after Georgie Woods) looking for Philadelphia-area talent to perform in his final amateur night showcase, his voiceover narrates parts of the opera's 1978 period]
- Lent Goode, Pascha's admiral[description:= White male, 50-55 years, Eastern European heritage, clean-cut /// character:= lenient but vindictive, really harbors ill-will towards criminals, a brown-noser]
- Mac "Ramp" Iver, seaman [E-3] in the maritime forces (1978 flashback)[description:= Black male, early-20s years /// character:= fiscally conservative, busy and dutiful, from the streets of Philly but not consumed by them, working on getting his GED, young and in love, a friend and fellow troupe member of young Pascha ("Bruno"), modeled after Fred Hampton]
- Agent Ritcha "Florence" Ramja, City-wide liaison for the Drug Enforcement Administration[description:= Indian female, 40-ish years /// character:= tough cookie, blunt, no-nonsense, low-key mouthpiece who acts as the interface between the intra-flotilla corruption and the general public, representation for the regional branch/office of the DEA (leader of the task force on the case specifically in pursuit of Theo)]📣
- Emerald Martez as "Lollipop" Sylvia, connect[description:= Latina/Hispanic female, 15-20 years, Puerto Rican heritage /// character:= the unsuspecting distributor for both an offshore drug lord and Theo's minions, a candy-loving, cold-blooded assassin, a young girl aged out of the foster care system who is making good money being exploited]📣
- Hephaestus (Blue* Horseman), one of Egg's henchmen[description:= Mixed male, 15-18 years /// character:= a lame mulatto boy - hated by his mother - caught up in a race war, a crafty+clever natural mechanic, music producer, and otherwise mature-for-his-age city-slick/street-smart punk kid who is infatuated with the manliness and father figurehood that Egg exudes as he is being 'shown these things', participated because he admires the leadership and wholeheartedly believed in its cause, now he must make a decision]📣
- Hera Juno (Purple* Horsewoman), one of Egg's henchmen[description:= Black female, 40-ish years /// character:= mother of Hephaestus, devout Christian, something was amiss in her personal life that she thinks she's found by following Egg, 'divested': a bitter Black woman whose anger towards the oppposite sex has masculated her but she hasn't given up all hope]📣
- Lambsimon, French baroness (1978 flashback) [description:= White female, late 50s years /// character:= snobby/snooty, privileged daughter to an inherited mineral empire which she assumed control over after her father's passing, doesn't really understand the innerworkings but knows the value of numbers, seeking to expand the business]📣
- Speaker Henza Turtl, leader of the U.S. House of Representatives[description:= White female, 60-ish years /// character:= an ultraconservative politician from Wyoming, unethical yet immensely respected by her colleagues, recently authored the highly-controversial but vague 'Re-Enslavement Bill' which she is adamantly trying to get passed in both chambers of Congress, hopes to work behind the scenes with Maundy to "ship them back" (whatever that means) so "we" can 'get back to the way things were', slow-moving, stubborn, with incredible reach, seasoned, modeled after an amalgamation of Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Newt Gingrich, and Trent Lott]📣
- Earl Ellis, a sleazy business executive and key member of Lily's pod[description:= White male, 35-45 years /// character:= team business analyst / econ whiz, nearly completely misreads how he comes across to others, gateway drug user, a late-life bloomer who schmoozes his way into opportunities]📣
- Murray Kamansky, concerned citizen and husband to Peggy[description:= Eastern Bloc male, 25-35 years, large build (6'6''+, 240+) /// character:= an imposing no-nonsense family guy, prejudice at his core yet affable, intelligent, physically modeled after Rob Gronkowski]📣
A Horseman is identified by the color of their held Beretta handgun🔫.

- Palm, ex-spouse of Pascha[description:= White female, mid-60s years /// character:= sick/ill (dying from ovarian cancer), re-married, settled in Fairfax County, Virginia to be closer to her daughter 'just in case', frequently at odds with Pascha because of her past dalliances; what's left of their relationship these days is estranged and apoplectic, but both still honor "the deal"]
- Efret, distressed child, only sibling of Gershom, and daughter of Tharbis[description:= Black girl, 8-10 years, dark-skinned]📣
- Gershom, distressed child, younger brother of Efret, and son of Tharbis[description:= Black boy, 6-7 years, lighter-skinned]📣
- Tharbis, distressed mother of Efret and Gershom[description:= Black female of Abyssinian descent, 30-35 years, thin build (body type reflects her struggles with drug addiction) /// character:= a thot]📣
- young Palm Lucia (1978-1980 flashback)[description:= White female of North Italian descent, 25-28 years, small frame (~5'6'', 115lbs) /// character:= an abundantly hopeful person with an air of class (read: 'old vibe') to her]📣
- Dorsel, concerned citizen[description:= White male, 20-30 years /// character:= red-blooded American dude competent with a variety of firearms, pissed-off at the uprising, sees this as the perfect time to go and kill himself some 'niggers']📣
- Norma Stefany "Norma" Iver (née Noah), wife of/widow to Ramp and sister to Dominique, (1978 flashback)[description:= Black female, early 20s years /// character:= an eager militant youth who is obsessed with the political and social climate of her time but heavy involvement in those activities have left her mentally unstable, a talented singer otherwise]📣
- Albert, freelance private investigator[description:= Black male, 21 years /// character:= nephew of Alven who wants to 'fight the good fight', aspires to be like his "legendary" uncle]📣
- George Coon, concerned citizen[description:= Black male, 20-25 years /// character:= token conservative Black guy, well-read, unctuous, wears his opinions on his sleeve, thinks that everybody should get along with everybody as long as it benefits him, the fine product of some people's 'ancestors', a staunch advocate of diversity/multiculturalism even at the expense of his own well-being, not quite sure if he agrees that his own life matters; just your friendly neighborhood Uncle Tom]📣
- Pooja/Patel, concerned citizen[description:= Indian male, 20-25 years /// character:= a passer-by whose bad luck put him in the path of danger]📣
- Lisa Gore as Simmy Noah, aunt to Norma and Dominique, and auntie in-law to Ramp (1978 flashback)[description:= Black female, mid-30ish years /// character:= a tiresome maintenance worker for the Philadelphia Zoo, tomboyish, tough and stern in her strive to be a stable motherly figure, distrust of Mayor Luigi's administration stresses her about the safety of her family]📣
- Ling-Lang, concerned citizen[description:= East Asian male, 25-30 years /// character:= restaurant employee out to defend his turf, not the nicest person, but decent and minds his own business]📣
- d0x, Theo's BI[description:= Black male of Somali descent, 30-35 years /// character:= tech and business savvy, helps with the logistics of the kingpin's operation(s)]📣
- Lef'fut, Maundy's personal bodyguard and sea captain[description:= White male, 35-45 years /// character:= burly guy who doesn't say much, speaks when spoken to, does what is asked of him, the boss' right-hand man/caretaker and muscle]📣
- Mang, battalion leader for Zone 4/Asian community[description:= Asian (Chinese/Vietnamese) female, 30-40 years, small frame (shorter than 5'5'', 110lbs. or less) /// character:= a feisty survivalist whose risky poor life choices happens to get her caught up in a war, a mother with secrets]📣
- Luigi, Mayor of Philadelphia (1978 flashback)[description:= White (Italian descent) male, 55-60 years, burly frame /// character:= boisterous and brutish, staunchly pro-police and pro-military, gravitates to the extreme right-wing, his relationship with the African-American community is afoul]📣
- Socks, Theo's understudy[description:= Black male, 20-22 years /// character:= a reliable but untrustworthy second-in-command to a kingpin, desperately wants out of the game]📣
- Galina, concerned citizen[description:= Russian female, late-30s years /// character:= single mom, immigrant (homeland accent included), fed up with the 'others' not appreciating their opportunities, fighting for her Caucasian race]📣
- Trent Schoenstein, City Council Chairman of township[description:= White male, 55-60 years /// character:= second in-command, always en garde, of IJ Syndicate heritage]
- Laura Stetman as Porbst "Ethel" Collins, Lily's girlfriend[description:= White female, 30s years /// character:= her relationship is tricky, as she is romantically involved with an always on-call executive, extremely jealous but seemingly patient, an actuary by trade]
- Bird, Navy SEAL under Iggy[description:= White male, early-30-ish years, medium frame (~6'0, 175-180lbs.) /// character:= a ginger, never bothered, contemplative/mysterious, gets the job done]📣
- Mr. Alphabet (Dwight Mann), mysterious leader of the conglomerate, Nile LLC[description:= White male, late 30s years, dark features /// character:= incredibly smart technologist who heads the world's most valuable company, of Ivy League (Princeton+Wharton) pedigree, always on the hunt for a good deal, has a mild fascination with East Asian cultures, modeled after Jeff Bezos[i], Elon Musk[ii], and Robert Pera]📣
- De'voreaux White as Smiley, rideshare [description:= Black male, early 50s years /// character:= silly and obedient, he is destined to find himself under inauspicious circumstances, a traveling DJ and gig worker]
- Ric Flair, world champion wrestling legend with a strange connection to Pascha[description:= White male, 70s years /// character:= athletic, brash, family man]
- Joan, Bunny's girlfriend[description:= White female, 30-35 years /// character:= lazy and in love]📣
- Sinclair, 'retired' boxer🥊[description:= Black male, 40 years /// character:= an always underestimated pugilist who only fights for the money, former Olympian, himself a polarizing figure in the world of sports, signed on for one last 'spar' in The Fight of the Decade, modeled after Floyd Mayweather, Jr.]📣
- Kerry Down, champion prize fighter🥋[description:= White male, 30-ish years /// character:= obnoxious, confident, mouthy, fighting with a country (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Scotland) and what feels like the entire White race behind him, somehow able to convince his idol to come out of retirement leading to him collecting the biggest payday of his life, Great White Hope, modeled after Conor McGregor]📣
- Billy Gibbs, a troupemate of young Pascha and Ramp (1978 flashback)[description:= Black male, 20-25 years /// character:= an outstanding dramateur with a great smile]📣
- Peggy Kamansky, wife of Murray Kamansky[description:= White female, 20-25 years /// character:= traditional and loyal to her husband]📣
- Felix Yota, public accountant working in the Office of Mayor Curran[description:= White male, 35 years /// character:= meticulous, suspicious, an ultra-liberal closet homosexual whose wrong insurance bet changes the course of his brokerings]📣
- Bruce Wagner, spouse of Palm[description:= White male, 70-ish years /// character:= a soft-spoken and dutiful husband to his ailing wife]📣
Any and all confirmations strictly means that talent has opted to work on piece in some capacity relative to what has been proposed, and thus would qualify to be on the payroll. Names associated with roles may be fluid (placeholders), only at a stage in negotiating procurement, and without guarantee. Again, without verbal commitment, said talent is speculative.
Because of the speed at which I plan to move (on schedule), the antihero in the story has been written so that the actor would really need to have a close relationship with the writer himself (me), so I've penciled myself (Link Starbureiy) in the role of Stu.  And since I know exactly what I want, I doubt that will change.


- conduction+editing+writing = Link Starbureiy (composer [opera+libretto], characters, conductor, editor)
- producing = Link Starbureiy (impresario), Ric Flair (segment)
- visual/special effects = Digital Dimension[i], Pixel Magic[ii], Luma Pictures[iii][iv], Eight VFX[v], Gloria FX[vi]offered
- costume+wardrobe = Link Starbureiy (ideation)
- makeup = Han Ly?📣
- sound+music = Jerry Goldsmith[i] (incidentals), Michael Kamen[ii] (theme), Verdell "Dell-P" Smith (direction), Jimmy Jam + Terry Lewis (coordination)
- electrical = ?
- set decoration = Link Starbureiy (staging)
- stunt coordination = ?📣
- art direction = ?📣
- production assistant = Rock Hefner [Philadelphia], Deborah Stewart
- line production/business operation = ?📣
- grip = Hai Nguyen
- casting = Link Starbureiy
- cinematography [camera, lighting, photog direction] = Link Starbureiy (ideation)
- transportation department = ?
- military science = ROTC at The University of Montana, N-ROTC at The Ohio State University, University of Pennsylvania Naval ROTC, Temple University ROTC, Robin Poole (Lieutenant - 24th Armored Infantry Division, independent consultant)
- miscellaneous companies = The Philadelphia Police Department (template), UUe (jukebox) Temple University (archive), City of Philadelphia, PA (appreciation), City of Butte, MT (thanks), City of Columbus, OH (thanks), Greater Film Office of Philadelphia (extras casting), Gusto (human resources services), Dial Press (acknowledgment), The Navy Yard, The Apprentice School (consultation), Philly Shipyard (consultation), Penn's Landing (appreciation), United States Coast Guard Station Philadelphia (thanks), Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center (community)
- underwriting = [YOUR NAME HERE,]


+crew [negotiable, full-time] - if you don't know what 'crew' is, then don't bother. Needed are cinematographers, lighting, grips, aerial drone operators, costume/wardrobe/makeup, and technicians. //REMOTE WORK SHIFTS REQUIRE FLEXIBILITY//
- cartographers are in-demand here. We use Google Maps/Earth and Bing Maps to produce street views of Philadelphia and Butte. But, those maps are outdated (somewhat). Your job is to go around town generating new all-weather maps and provide the team with state-of-the-art information on locales. The cinematography unit relies on your supplied maps in recording.
- drone tech(nician)s can expect to travel a lot in the field. Needed are aerial shots [gis] of Philadelphia's cityscape (from Cityline Avenue up into the Lower and Upper Darbys, in and around Germantown/Mount Airy/West Oak Lane/Olney, and some hangouts in the North side/Montgomery County - pretty much the whole thing), with lots of tight shots in and around downtown (horizontal+vertical) - Philadelphia's tallest point is about 1,121ft (342 meters), so the drone must capture at a minimum 1,250ft altitude. We're using a mobile (cell phone) camera and a Jump rig unless you have a better idea.
- with today's software, I find lights to be better handled in post (editing suite), plus, we're using lots of outdoor shots with natural lighting.
- costume/wardrobe will be given a credit card💳 and told to go shop for fabrics. You will be stitching together clothing items that are as close to the concept artists' illustrations as possible, that concept artist may even be you.
- whoever photograph's this thing has to have extensive experience/expertise with mobile (Pixel, iPhone, Samsung, etc.), including the peripherals for those phones. I am NOT interested in lugging around large, overpriced cameras, nor am I interested in 'film', so spare me the artiste nonsense. You will have a bunch of high-end phones at your disposal, so you have to think in terms of how each shot will look in VR (360 degrees) from various angles.
- gaffer/lighting director is crucial for setting a scene. Below is a great example of what I'm talking about (courtesy Vanity Fair).
- the sound unit should be experts. Audio is not something that you can fake. Your job is to make sure that our sonics are audible but not deafening. I don't want a whole lot of boom mics or lapels. It's tricky but also your job to figure it out.

+construction worker [negotiable, hourly] - build/construct physical sets according to specification, and under the supervision of a foreman. Must be able to work on-site (Philadelphia or Montana) with varying hours. -- laborers should hold industrial trade certification and pass a background check. Bring your own tools🛠. English and Spanish speakers OK.

+set artisan [🥕] - design and dress virtual and/or physical sets to specifications that suit your flair (within the context of the story, of course). Attention to detail and a willingness to stay within a fixed budget are a must. Are you a big fan of HGTV renovation shows (eg. Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, etc.)? Good with Sketchup/Layout, Soya3D? Do you have a background in interior design? Most importantly, can you meet deadlines?

+clerk* [negotiable (base) with 10% monthly raises, full-time] - a perfect opportunity to operate a small business from the trenches; for the most part, you are 'running point'. Duties encompass managing the community/office, people, accounting+payroll (either Gusto or an in-house system), administration, and securing clearances. You should know your favorite spreadsheet application like the back of your hand. As the point-of-contact on daily operations, your responsibilities include public outreach. It is also your job to make sure that our metrics (ie. views, ad buys) are growing(!). -- this is probably suited for an entrepreneurial JD.You should already have your degree. It's an internship because it has set start+stop dates.

+🎵music [negotiable] - besides myself and a mixer, instrumentalists will be conducted by a classical conductor with experience in film, television, or (the cinematic elements of) video game scoring. You clearly understand that it's the music that makes all he difference. Soft notes from recycled incidentals may be incorporated into the libretto's score, so the department will need to conduct a full orchestra for additional new music (5+ hours) around that. -- applicants should hold a bachelor's degree in music.

My way (rather, the Black American style to which I'm accustomed) of doing this is to put a bunch of professional musicians (whether they've worked together before or not) in a room and let them have jam sessions. We're bound to have a ton of new music and sounds, some things of which are destined to make the cut.

Also wanted are neo soul/contemporary R&B songwriters and beatmakers for a series of so-called "Day 0" mixtapes (themselves Easter eggs), as well as forty-five (45) second advertisements featuring Ric Flair[i] of a fictional (in the sense that it was created for this opera) brand of DIY huckleberry-flavored rum called Brown Hue (from 'Hubert Brown', the birth name of H. Rap Brown/Jamil Abdullah al-Amin). These are marketing gimmicks that tie into the production (look for these around the Web and in the opera), the latter because that's the distilled spirit our alcoholic detective prefers to drink. (Drink responsibly.🥃) The songs themselves don't have to be that short (and probably shouldn't be), but a full song must lend itself to being sampled.

If you need more information to help you with your composition, Ric Flair is a professional wrestler and personality (it's best that you know who he is. Pretend that he loves R&B and that you are making music just for him.) who will narrate the overture in snippets in the company of a 'friend'. Although he is reputably 'loud' (flashy) in real life, your music should not be. We're easy listening for melodies that compliment/complement the ambience of man wanting relaxation and telling a story to whoever's paying attention.

Keeping an eye on the bigger picture, with this opera, we are going for an entirely new generation of sounds (melodies and songs) that may (re)define the Easter holiday season moving forward, very similar to what American and European musicians have done with establishing 'traditional' Christmas music (eg. 🎵Santa Claus is Coming to Town, 🎵Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, 🎵A Charlie Brown Christmas, 🎵The Christmas Song, 🎵Jingle Bells, etc.) the past two (2) centuries. For inspiration, the musicianship of Stevie Wonder and his compositions (eg. sample appetizer: 🎵I Can't Help It, 🎵Why I Feel This Way, 🎵Ribbon In The Sky) are some of my favorites and could set a bar for grooves.