lnq🧑🏿: Egghead


"What's up, Eggheads?" - 🧑🏿lnq

An "Egghead" is the colloquial term applied to someone who is a fanatic of Egglepple. When pluralized ('Eggheads'), this usually speaks to the crowd of participants who are also working on imaging some aspect of the Stewniverse. (see Pajamas, 🥚Eggheads, 🧑🏿lnq's motif, goggles, egg)
/// +When items in publication(s) appear as 'Link Starbureiy et el', this typically means that Eggheads (ie. et el) helped with the development, usually during an Eggheads session.
+I also refer to the (white) mask/headcover I tend to wear as my 'egghead'. The headgear affords me a private glimpse into the Stewniverse.