A gameshow (gs) :== an either demonstrative or participatory (or in the case of UUelcome, heterotic) program* about some game, or the ludology (ie. element gamification) of its gameplay.** stream = framework (+runtime) implementing system calls.

"I view life as a game and the whole world as one big (jukebox-centric) gameshow. This interpretation puts me in the mode to win." - 🧑🏿lnq

By definition, gameshows are hosted, and factor a reward function (prize) for achievement unlocking🔓^

[gameshow :== host ++ program (reward function → achievement unlocking)];

where contestants earn or are given some sort of prize for advancing~ within the program.^^ A type of privilege escalation. ~~ Solving puzzles🧩. (see gameplay, opera ludo, UUelcome, mathletics, FUN formula, bug bounty)
/// My recital (the gameshow that I stream/host, and everybody's favorite😁) is called UUelcome (the game played is stewart).