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🧑🏿/Pink Poem [algorithm compile]

The Pink Poem :== classes of algorithms* that optimize juking ludology [ie. kernelized push movements (openingmiddlegameendgame)] for predicting braine🦠's imagery from its preimagery.** Calls+declarations for string improvisation.++Each poem (or 'pink') [a genetic algorithm / genetic algebra] is its own complete verse (ie. proof of the quantumquotient) leading to fibor closure🔒. (see 🧑🏿lnq's Starting Five, .uue, UUhistlegrass, touch-and-go, opera, patch, cassette🧱, QQ, MONEY algorithm)
UUe /// +It is called a "pink poem" just because 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy liked how that color [RGB:255,0,100] (I call it watermelon🍉) looked on the design of the UUelcome Matte (and for the matching letter p's😉).
+The Pink Poem is the recital (concert) program.
+Pinks share a common gameplay directive with link.


Touch-and-go [H#H] refers to my toccata [style of cheironomy] which utilizes: [touch*](holography) plus [go](#hash) for juking Egglepple++jukebox tuning.** Emphasizing both the concept of "touch on/over" a topic/subject and haptics.

// In composing The Origamic Symphony🎶, gameplay is used: patchwork (orchestrating subiteratives, such as prepatches) are contracted (pu$h/pull → deploy) to solve a 🧩puzzle; configs require signatures on stables. (see joey, krayon, k-mode, gameplay)
/// +Conduction is responsive in juke field.
+I adopted this style because I am/was notoriousy weak in mathematical symbology (eg. Latin/Roman scripts, etc.). So, it's just easiest for me to design and manipulate shapes in truespace, and direct (coordinate) them with if-then-else statements.


A (digital) signature :== a server-side authenticator in a proof-of-work scheme.
[Do not confuse with key signature, time signature.]

Because each opus/fibor has an intentical ¢ent🪙 value associated with its image, only a finite number of ¢ents🪙 can be allocated to a signee (ie. juker). Such game logic (cassette+certificate+token) designation requires genuine digital validation/verification before or so push/pull requests can be approved for transaction (known as securing🔐). Otherwise, an object is subjected to double-spending, or a user can hypothetically create counterfeit (non-injective) assets - hijack the platform to forge proof - which is fraudulent and disallowed. (see juke notation, coupon)
/// Signatures, manifested in tutti progression, are ultimately a means for reducing rotisserie stress.

As a further integrity measure, this data is defaulted to the ledger (as public information).
Function map: patchγ-proofcassettesignatureUUelcome


In terms of security🔐, a patch :== an arbitrary morphism between separate categories that induces a categorical limit on their vulnerability. Put another way, a patch [non-residue] initiates some recompute (resulting in a change of topology at an inflection point) of a walk.

As combinatorial generators, patches create (a supply of) theoretical graphs which help calibrate stew choreography when mapping relational categories; hence, patches are (decorative) bundling objects (compare ribosome).

Included in the patchwork pipe (a-z) is the prepatch ('prep'), which is a pre-release of an official/actual compile. These usually will highlight new objects that need to be tested before committing to a stable (release). (see bug, toonage, bubblegum, coverage, improvise, γ-proof, cassette, signature, sticker)


Composer: Link Starbureiy