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+Big-O Tree

Big-O Tree (BOT!) is UUe's metre.Like 'algorithmic botany'.
Pursuant to symphonic compile time, BOT is our auction arguments map for measuring nuts [per brane (Egglepple) sequencing]. On this graph, each node represents a ballet and its spacetime complexity* [(PE) ∝ T]. Thus, there are 676 (262) parent branches on the tree๐ŸŒด threading said leaf ports and residue.Cache flow
/// +The fitness workflow is the cumulative generation of loop-erased walks (ie. branch prediction algorithms).

+Although "Big-O" behaves mathematically like big O (limiting behavior of functions), the 'O' in the name is actually for 'org' (as in opus organization).
Issue-tracking and related specifications for Big-O Tree are indigenous to Pajamas. Such specifications help sew (control fibor threading) our cellular fabric. (see also bigo tree)
Function map: signatureBOTpajamas

+neural net

+choreo graph


A thread-inflection point (tip). (see also ear, Double U economics, UUallet)
/// The exercise of tipping usually comes in the form of pay-per-post.


A route is some deterministic walk into any number of coverage(s).
/// This is not a contradiction. It is deterministic in the sense that all variables are (pre)set, and have no bearing on future states.

+lnq's walk

lnq's walk๐Ÿจlnq's walk is the totality (as a parimutuel neural net) of vendor.merchant hyperlinks forming a cryptograph of Egglepple's game. (see also ๐Ÿจlnq's bubblegum, quotient load normalization, UUallet, UUelcome, +list)


lnq's walk A walk is some playable* spacetime complex process (sequence of finite steps at fixed lengths). This is a plot of a nut's path (a type of integrated circuit as it would traverse the braneworld, indicative of currency flow or point spread) with stochastic activity at specified movements (openingmiddlegameendgame). In all probability, walks chart a statistical distribution of their entropy (random variables transforming twistorspace). Ludologically, some progression and its contrapuntal motion.
In proof theory, there are three (3) stages to a walk: (1) coil, (2) graphics, and (3) mesh.

We use walks as parse arguments in juking. (see also ๐Ÿจlnq's walk, thread, sport, Pink program, route, tip, UUelcome)
/// In automation, walks are approximate source directives.
Function map: preimagewalkimage


An expression is the inventory [a batch or batching] of evolutes. (see also #orchestra)




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