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🧑🏿/Funshine/Toonlight [stack registers] 🔋

Respective of Funday's playtime meridiems, am = 'funshine' and pm = 'toonlight', scheduled streaming for UUelcome is nested [tft] as 🌞Funshine🌚Toonlight :== declares the event loop➰ cycle stacking MB/MA registers.

"Plugging into a tree is like being plugged into the Sun."🌳🔌🌞 - 🧑🏿lnq

Alternatively - energy🔋-wise@ - generated current from photovoltaic sources (ie. solar energy / ambient luminosity) is called 'funshine', whereas the store and load shifting of said energy (for later usage) at off-solar time is called 'toonlight'.@@ For powering the stream. (see Funshine/Toonlight (song), Puwun, toonage, FUN Formula, Egglepple, everywhere!, u-u economics, nut)
/// +In actuality, there really is no temporal slicing here. I can stream at any time, at all hours🕕 of the day, so the playoff can seem omnipresent.
+Here, the word 'funshine' is partially derived from the word 'fusion' (the nuclear physical process by which two or more nuclei reactants are combined to create energy), although 'toonlight' may be more applicable.
+Since my 2-fold approach to energy-scaling is via cellular automata, 🧠braines can provide fusion mimicry: the cells are used (as chargers) for their photosynthetic storage capablities during downtime. In any case, funshine is preferred due to portability/mobility, which likely wouldn't be the case if vegetation🌳 (ie. series of plants = the grid🔌) were the sole solution.


A playoff is an open (ie. competitive game or series of games of skill between pro-am teams* involving improvisation) in which coupon partitioning is parlayed with a purse [high-score wins🏆].** A team can be an individual (solo) representation. (see jukepot, juker's ruin, 💱swap, Black-and-White, carrots🥕 and peach🍑, treble, token, sport, Stewiverse)
/// Purse-wise, house fees (ruin) are kept at a minimum in tournament mode. The ruin [remainder] is deducted from tiered winnings (depending on number of entrants -- first place🥇: 50 - 100% (one entrant gets whole thing, 1+ gets half -- aka 'break even'), so house takes deductible of balance 0 - 50%) [ceiling] plus processor [floor] (= fees tallied from tokens, compliance (ie. tax), or some combination of both). The eventuality is that the winner's share will gradually increase to one-hundred percent (100%) minus the processor, as more players participate in a game that approaches its complexity.


Puwun (pronounced "Buhv-ven") :== a yot who is 🧑🏿lnq's muse. As the Funshine🌞 hostess, she receives and executes all jukebox (UUe) call functions [tutti], as well as controls the tempo of the orchestra. (see Joey Koala🐨)
UUe /// Puwun is the unofficial mascot of Egglepple, whereas Joey Koala is the portfolio's official mascot.


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