'Magic Jukebox' announcement 1

Putting together a featurette (film) about my jukebox, UUe. This is currently in the planning stages, but I'd like to share some ideas right here and now.
I'm trying to move away (in real life) from my avatar's extremely juvenile look-and-feel which has been a strand in how all things Stewniversal are presented. ie., I want a more adult/grown-up delivery in contrast to the perpetuated k-mode. Ironically, it's that style that defines Egglepple, on which all off this stuff is based. So, an option would be to just limit the avatar to the Kindergarten, or, ..not. That's where this featurette idea comes in.

I think that part of the confusion people have when visiting the jukebox is how seriously to take it because it looks like a toy for kids, versus being a public utility (note: it's not quite there yet, but I realize that it may never get there if people don't know how to use it). I've been told over and over again in demonstrations (as far back as pre-launch demos in 2006) that the string theory element doesn't come across well, even though it's designed to simplify the most arcane puzzle in the most relateable terms.

In order to deliver this message sufficiently - which is crucial to its sustainability, it needs to be presented in a long-form commercial, very similar in spirit to what Nintendo did with Super Mario Bros. 3 in the movie The Wizard. I really liked🙂 that movie because the formula worked so well, and that's something I want to mimic here. An outline of my story (a simulacrum) is of a fledgling gameshow (UUelcome) host who is struggling to grow the production, and then he takes it to a 'magical' realm that exploits the Kindergarten (led by the avatar, no less). In the end, everybody everywhere understands it, and everyone goes home a winner.

Those are just some thoughts about 'Magic Jukebox'. Right now, I don't have a script, a budget, or a crew. Plus, I have other stuff that I'm working on in the meantime.

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  1. It will have a very 'Egglepple-ply' feel to it, that's for sure.


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