Within the economy of gameplay, juking is the process of demonstrating, controlling, and/or improvising a particular juke. Someone who does so is called a juker. The appliance for doing such is a jukebox. Pertaining to UUe, juking - a form of cryptography - may be referred to as a 'cryptosport'*. Complexity-wise, token duration is between P and E, with proofing orchestrated in curvilinear space (T).See mathletics
To juke is to summon a redeemable option (the coupon) on a continuous event that is predetermined (to at least one party). In this case, jukes are proxies for the statistical variance of the tablature complexity, and serve to hedge some handicap. Jukes themselves generate UUe's cryptohash (provided from seigniorage on coupons); being synonymous with coin insertion [deposit] for traditional jukebox activation and dispensing.
Juking was invented by Link Starbureiy.🤓👌🏿
The act of stereotyping is done by encrypting EGP onto loopstring (juke = pencilglyph). This is accomplished using stew choreography. Juking is considered to be economically fair (ie., affordable), that is, risk:payoff < payoff:risk.

Note (+): Sans pure 'penny' frets, the value of a juke is always rounded up to the next integer (unless the juke itself is an integer). Example: a tablature divisor of 0.054... becomes a 6 ¢ent fret. This seigniorage ensures the house always stays afloat.

According to string ludology, juking is reflexive to Double U economics; making that the foundation of our pursuit. The intent behind juking is to synthesize fonts. (see also Pink program, mathemusic)

Notes (+): + Because juking is injective, the juker absolutely keeps what is earned (minus any fees).

+ Fibor classification requires twistor space manipulation, which is the basis of stew choreography.