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A threaded improvisational position (tip) is some type of lead-off ornament/gratuity (strategic or involuntary) toward hosted output [runtime]. Put another way, a tip is payment* for a recompute of a string.What I refer to as 'monetization of frames'. (see for example, and Double U economics)


A gameshow is a demonstrative program* about a game, or the ludology (ie. element gamification) of some game. Gameshows usually have a rewards factor involved; where participants earn some sort of prize for advancing~ within the program. Runtime that implements rapid call-and-response (ie. merchant.vendor hyperlinking). Solving puzzles.

Note (+): My recital (the gameshow that I produce, and everybody's favorite😁) is called UUelcome.


Toonage (truncation of 'cartoonage'*) is the diction given to the chronology of cassette releases [lyric seasons of lnq's recital] called toons. Tuning trains^ the jukebox by standardizing brane ornamentation(libraries+patchwork). Toons themselves are individually/inductively ordered (n + 1), but because it is feasible for two (2) or more to be confluent, offered is a finitary
Naming convention
Toonage is marked using the following standard alphanumeric:

Toonxx.nn[]# - where "xx" identifies the port, nn is the pencil count, the brackets [] carry the weight, and the addendum, #, is the episode (as an integer).Wordplay, but should be taken here like 'fine-tuning' (cf., musical tuning). Implies stereotyping on paper. Training comes from redundant server-side proofs🔒, which lead to better TOS compatibility. (see also meshroom, opus, mixtape, cybernetic governance)

Note (+): Principally validating file hierarchy.


The gameshow is a regulated rolling tournament* where the juker pools ¢ents. Such sporting exists to improve walks for lab contracting and syndication (a method of orchestra brokering). The crowned👑 champion (winner🏆) is an individual or a team (ie. labelmates) of players who scored the most goals during a single season (ie. exhaustion of all 676 ports before a new cycle🔄) of the runtime.A bid-ask spread in a greedy auction. (see also UUelcome [payload], treble, vendor, merchant, Black and White, cybernetic governance, juke notation, tip)

Note (+): For all intents and purposes, this is lnq's recital.