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impresario | Created the jukebox, UUe, to solve Egglepple.++Via EGP, I constructed The Origamic Symphony into a ludological framework.🤓 My sidekick is a koala🐨.


Note (+): The names Link Starbureiy, Egglepple, Link Egglepple Starbureiy, and lnq are used interchangeably.

Link Starbureiy supervises* all juking aspects, with fiducial responsibility for the conduction of jukebox elements: scoring, contract definitions, and tuning.Assists the orchestra; in gameplay, he has default Black position.

Note (+): While there may be some mention of work done as an amateur (1991 - 2/27/1997), this article mainly focuses on Link Starbureiy as a professional (2/28/1997+).

Starbureiy pioneered juking (industrializing it as a cryptosport, legitimizing mathletics). With the creation of the Portfolio, he began his career on March 5, 1991 (age 12).


+ Link Starbureiy single-handedly formulated contemporary mathemusic.🤓 Contribution-wise&, his repertoire forms a quintet consisting of a solo symphony - The Origamic Symphony, his opéra-ballet - Stewart, ornamentation - Mathilda+RONALD, a tonic - EGP, and a concerto suite - UUallet. These compositions are pushed to uuhistlegrass (libretto). Puwun is his muse.List is not exhaustive; I typically juggle a number of things at once. See also, for example, developus.


+ Starbureiy uses the Stewdio (an instrumental analog would be the lyre) exclusively to stereotype EGP/solve Egglepple. He also sports a yoyo for dribbling.

Note (+): Combined, these may be playfully called 'Stewdyo'. The Stewdio is of his own invention.🤓


"lnq is good at juking"🙃

+ Link Starbureiy's playful personality directly translates into his versatile "playground" style of juking.

Growing up, I spent lots of time in West Philly hanging out with other Black kids. They taught me all of the intangibles; about how to conduct myself in certain situations, and shared the culture that only came from those neighborhoods. I reckon their swag/ger is manifested in the way I approach what I do.

+ Starbureiy is the creator and namesake of the Starbureiy statistic, Starbureiy Toy, and the 8 Jersey, as well as the instigator of UUelcome. (see also +list, treble, mathletics)

Note (+): Conflicting interests makes him ineligible for consideration to receive any of these honors; his Statistic can be tabulated, recorded, and compared, but not officially ordered.


#Paperclip: Lnq [current server: lnq7586]
Number: 8
[email protected]: 0 [n/a]


Founded in February 1997, Link Egglepple Starbureiy (LES) is a sole proprietorship managing the career of its owner (namesake), and flagship, UUe®.Keywords: juke, jukebox, juker, juking, mathematics

The LES philosophy is to utilize defensive disclosure, whereby intellectual property (IP) becomes prior art upon intentional forfeiture of patent application code. LES is replete with assets that are constantly used as industrial penetration points.


+ Link's motivation is 'Egglepple, everywhere'.

Note (+): Every aspect of the jukebox is designed by Link Starbureiy. A polymath, his résumé is puzzle-focused. When applicable, it is preferred that he be acknowledged as a recreational mathematician. [math.GM⊆R] (see also mathletics)

+ Being an autonomous proprietorship, LES has no board nor does it invite external members to interfere with decision-making. Although pursuance of temporary alliances is possible, LES remains an independent entity. For purposes of quality assurance, LES may - on occasion - consult with a third-party checksum regarding idea incubation. The LES practicum is such that it develops IP to be cultured DIY, which becomes available post-maturity.


by age denotes rookie season
+12 - created Egglepple (portfolio of my own toys [puzzles])

I got my start as a toy designer, designing puzzles. These were (what I consider) elementary in nature (mazes and stuff), but gradually became more sophisticated as my interests spanned the gamut of creative arts and recreational mathematics. I always mention my sixth grade teacher in relaying this origin story because it was on his recommendation that I gather(ed) my works (hence, the beginnings of a 'portfolio') to have something to show art departments when I was ready. As his pupil, I was also given a battery of mathematics tests to take (early-on and throughout) to gauge my aptitude. I learned more in that one (1) schoolyear with him than I did at any other point in my entire academic career (and I admittedly lost interest shortly thereafter). Without a doubt, he was probably the single most instrumental person in my overall scholastic development. Sometimes I joke that I'm walking around with a sixth grade education.😉

+17 - founded LSN (went pro)
+18 - premiere of Robot (play)
+19 - The Origamic Symphpony; invented EGP keynote [krc 0.01] (← established the discipline of juking)
+20 - drafted Stewart (developii)
+21 - registered world's first recreational mathematics enterprise, The Egglepple Company
+25 - hypothesized Cryptoquotient (/Juke Lemma), jukebox release candidate 0.1
+26 - Joey Koala🐨 [appropriation of creatures (orchestra)], debut of Egglepple: The Mathemagical World
+28 - Magic Summer, The Mathemagical Society
+29 - kernel release candidate 1.0, UUelcome (ack payload/fugue) formulation and contract entry
+30 - launched UUelcome (recital) [s.1], prototyped UUallet (concerto build 1:=non-automated)
+32 - started UUhistlegrass as a mathematics periodical
+34 - properly devised/outlined BOT
+36 - RE+ER
+38 - Easter (opera), [email protected]

Publishing🗒 (writings✒, recordings🎙️, imagery📷, etc.)

+ In-house scholarship is published as UUhistlegrass. The publication is registered with the Library of Congress under ISSN 2165-6738 | Worldcat OCLC 774054633.


+ Fun has its true ambassador - Link Egglepple Starbureiy (lnq) - the name that is synonymous with juking. Link Starbureiy's influence is channeled through UUe. Flageolet pencils illustrate the art of stew choreography, which - attuned alongside a myriad of other keynote signatures - stereotype fonts printing indelible to simulacra. The tools of imagination and wonder have, since its founding, guided Egglepple in using peerless creativity to enjoy the richness, potential, and culture of abstract thinking.


- The mission of the following “Personhood” is to organize ephemera that constitute the heritage of Link Egglepple Starbureiy. While the artifacts themselves may be public works, the Person itself is of sole proprietorship. My goal is to catalogue the career of Link Egglepple Starbureiy. In doing so, such efforts of the Person are defaulted as to follow a practicum of information science and technology. Note that it is not the intention of the Person to expand or morph into a company, or anything beyond its base foundation; a development of this type would undoubtedly conflict with its core values. The Person is not a formal organization in any sense. Although the Person may adhere to contemporary legal formalities, such as taxation and representation, in name only; it is not a property belonging to a state in any manner, or of any kind. This means that the Person is not categorically subject(ed) to transfer of ownership, nor can the Person or its assets available for sale or exchange. As a virtuous lemma, separation of “Link Egglepple Starbureiy” from its “Personhood” is an impossibility, for they are one and the same. -- I do not belong to or represent anyone (else). -- For purposes that shall remain at its own discretion, the Person operates in a fashion that is assumed to be automatic. Every attempt shall be made to implement programmatic elements (ie. robots) where automation will suffice for curation instead of/versus other options.

Part of our endeavor is to maintain authenticity regarding the subject matter. While flattering at times, imitation is widely discouraged when it comes to sharing the integrity of items that are the basis of accreditation. The Person is the proper custodian per operations that purport to include and/or incorporate recherché constructs of Link Egglepple Starbureiy. Properties created by the Person are to be rightfully attributed to the Person. Courtesy of some statute of limitation to forever remain in effect, no other party is permitted to lay claim to the fruits of labor provided by Link Egglepple Starbureiy. Contained within the Person’s holdings are assets under the notion of them being value-adding goods. Facsimiles registered to the edifice are interfaced as to promulgate a tradition of record. These records should, in fact, be considered prima facie evidence of endowment. In lieu of its holdings, any surpluses generated by the Person will be used to achieve the set targets aforementioned. The aims are for self-preservation and expansion of Personal objectives, and any planning required to meet those objectives.


Remark: -- This section pertains to K-MODE. --

Link Egglepple Starbureiy (lnq) - the figure of juking - is our avatar, a juvenile cyborg.

Leitmotif lnq signature

- lnq is the one-of-a-kind, fun-loving protocyborg who does only as he wants.*
In proportion to his ego, thus, rendering him impervious to boredom and invulnerable to psychosis.
- Egglepple is home to lnq and his creatures (ie. lnq and the creatures are endemic to Egglepple). It exists on primitive notions, and thus, is always fresh and in the process of becoming.

- Occupationally, lnq is an impresario (+UUe's official mascot).

- lnq (Egglepple's distinct avatar) is a lean, wooly-haired, very dark-skinned toddler clad in pajamas, with a featured yoyo. He is traditionally depicted chewing bubblegum^ while reciting his repertoire, using a crayon for cheironomy. [dumbness!] An everlasting piece (as a perpetual stream) of bubblegum. Selectively mute, not stupid.

- lnq often composes mathemusic in a state voluntarily induced/educed by the lullaby, Bernice's Eve. Otherwise, he is indefatigable.

- Autodidactic and peripatetic, Starbureiy's preferred playplace (for training) is a gym* (eg. ). Additionally, he might construct impromptu shelter from his hammock on a bigo tree.The playscape may be replete with these.


- Link Starbureiy's genius manifests itself as juking. lnq's joie de vivre, this is the source of his mathleticism.

- Having Stewniversal autonomy, lnq is the sole entity whose insuperable presence in the Kindergarten can conduct any part of the orchestra. He uses his krayon for ornamenting jukespace. Likewise, he can instinctively trap things (namely fibor) in bubblegum [blown bubbles], which he can then chew until they vanish/absorb.

- Egglepple is equipped with perpetual youth; advancing strictly in wisdom+intuition (an offered explanation for his caricatured large head*). Being a blackbody, all information is ideally absorbed and emitted, internally cached (optional mind upload/neural download), and can be recalled on-demand (instant replay/playback of events). However, because he can selectively remove his emotions from his experiences, he remains unaffected by memories. This all comes courtesy of having a healthy abundance of (neuro)melanin.Operates as a control hub.

- The bounds of what lnq can imagine are undefined. His imagination is the fountain of his strength and takes him wherever he is (virtually) willing to go.

Resting Lnq

Tip$ jar

tip = lead-off gratuity


{Work on UUe is an activity. Sought is sustained revenue in order to meet roadmap objectives.}
The following presentation is directed at potential financiers.


i'm the reason
you love juking.

UUe is a kind of abstract jukebox. The automaton is an organic development from attempting to solve Egglepple (++prove my hypothesis), a deep math puzzle* rooted in random walks. Two (2) genera abstractions are: a kernel for mathematical modeling (of auction theory applied to twistor spaces), and a method of compliance.An over-simplified explanation of the problem is: if you take a really long (but finite) tape and split it into some countable number of smaller strings, how does that effect the computability of the tape itself?
That's where you come in.

+ Opportunity
Right now, the API ( is live. The logical next step is the creation of the APP (API→app).



+ The aim is to have all of this ready by [email protected], a major technical event (February 2018) purporting to usher in the so-called 'third revolution' of string theory.


📊📈Spread Analysis

+ Ad traffic
Page RPM [floor - ceiling, with daily fluctuation]: $0.01 - 37.49

Post count: ~11,000
Average page views/day: 23.5k
Unique site visitors/month: ~617k+

+ UUelcome is currently the #1 gameshow on the Discord (or any internet relay chat-based) platform. --something to smile😀 about-- Although that's not saying much since there aren't too many web-based gameshows in syndication, it's worth noting that Nielsen's rating system determined UUelcome to be in the top-ten overall (television and radio included), behind only Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, Price Is Right, and Let's Make A Deal (as of Spring 2017). That is extraordinary considering that my work has been streamed entirely on a blog platform, with no 🎥video content or channel to supplement it until now (Autumn 2017).

+ Activation



All monies received here come from voluntary orders, and are not tax-deductible. By purchasing, you hereby agree to the following Terms of Sale: All sales are final, non-refundable, irrefutable, and non-transferable.

+ Questions+Answers

{The following Q and A is anticipatory and may not represent actual submitted questions.}

1. Why not just get a research grant from NSF or a private foundation?
- The National Science Foundation is great for a number of things, but typically, any foundation has too many stipulations that a recipient must abide by for any real progress to get made on a commercial level. Unless you have an 'early career grant' (ie. a 5-year sponsorship) or similar sponsorship, rarely is that route a better option than entrepreneurship. Another huge factor is the application-to-award time frame, which can be months long, if the grant is given at all.
2. How is this a gameshow?
- It's (me putting on) a show about a game. To be fair, a soap opera isn't an opera about soap, but by definition, my work involves different facets (in the very broad sense of it being an MMOG) of gameplay to arrive at a specific result. Although it's almost exclusively a soliloquy, you may be rewarded with a coupon for providing me access to your energy sources (processor+electricity), as solicited.
3. What metric are you using to determine your performance ranking/rating?
- Technically, the rating tracks self-records from so-called paper diaries. Nielsen (from survey conduction) historically only measured television viewership, but has, since the last decade, counted all platforms (web, mobile, tv, radio, etc.). It only helps that I have a website, versus just a single slot on one television station. It also helps that I can 'play'/stream at all hours of the day and night instead of just at a specific time. So, on my end, I track the online activities of competing properties' social network presence, and compare those to my subscriber base over a set time.
4. If you have a buttercup with no butter, what's in the cup?
- {shrugs shoulders}😉
5. What is the difference between a cryptocommodity versus a cryptocurrency?
- A cryptocommodity is a crypto exercise whose resultant is both negotiable and fungible is some type of economy. On the otherhand, a cryptocurrency (as a subset of a digital currency) is transactionable only with its fiat counterpart. Either can be decentralized.

What I would rather brief here is some of the key contrasts between popular cryptocurrencies - like Bitcoin - and what I've created.

First, the competition. Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular in the financial sector, due in part to it being treated like a rare commodity.
Thank you.