UUelcome* is Lnq's fugue [exposition + development + recapitulation (of egglepple)]. This is the kernel payload (whole heap of motifs) [uue/: (fibor = MONEY^/bubblegum/ludeiy)], run upon juking, recited with game logic, and readied for porting. (see also Juke Lemma, UUhistlegrass, UUelcome Matte)Not to be mistaken for the gameshow, UUelcome. To include fonts.

Note (+): (vocabulary) To a large respect, the word is a portmanteau of 'UUe' and 'chromosome'. If we think of it like in biological terms, then uuelcome has congruence to genome [expressed genetic material].

+ Incentive: once the payload is entirely/fully sequenced, any mesh should become stereotypical.👍

Before I settled on the name 'UUelcome', I had given serious consideration to calling it 'fun:musicbook'. My vision was that it was always going to be an album of some sort of music (in this case, mathemusic).

Function map: opusuuelcomepajamas