Composer + Principal developer: Link Starbureiy
UUelcome* is Lnq's fugue [exposition + development + recapitulation (of egglepple)]. This is the keynote payload (whole heap of motifs for computing twistor space) [uue/: (fibor = MONEY^/bubblegum/ludeiy)], which is to be compiled, linked, loaded, and run upon juking.Not to be mistaken for my recital, UUelcome (gameshow). Includes all fonts. (see also Juke Lemma, UUhistlegrass, UUelcome Matte, pajamas)

Note (+): (vocabulary) To a large respect, the word is a portmanteau of 'UUe' and 'chromosome'. If we think of it like in biological terms, then uuelcome has congruence to genome [expressed genetic material].

+ Incentive: once the payload is entirely/fully sequenced (into an encrypted sponge), any mesh should become stereotypical.👍

Before I settled on the name 'UUelcome', I had considered calling it 'fun:musicbook'. My vision was that it was always going to be an album of some sort of music (in this case, mathemusic). The 'fun' bit had/has to do with the FUN Formula.

Function map: opusuuelcomekernelpajamas