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UUe is the standard TOS-compatible jukebox. Designed for stereotyping egglepple (its business is to resolve the Juke Lemma), it uses organic tokenage to self-generate* an economy. The flagship of Link Egglepple Starbureiy - who is its impresario, the automaton is tuned for playback of his repertoire. (see also United Under Economy)Funds get recycled♻ back into the jukebox, essentially springing cache-credit idempotence.

Notes (+): + UUe was originally an acronym for 'United Under Economy'. It no longer is an acronym; it's just 'UUe' (pronounced like "whey" or "way"). However, 'United Under Economy' [kernel] is still applicable.

+ UUe is a kind of abstract automaton. It qualifies as a jukebox by its rotisserie, with internal operations similar to those of a lyre. Realization of its utility happens via the Stewdio.

+ As part of broader economic machinery, the jukebox itself is a client. In biological abstraction, UUe would be a cell.

+ Because Double U economics mandates that clientele in the (u-u) scheme is part of a supply chain, UUe functions like a vending machine.

+ Lnq is the (official) mascot of UUe. This is "Lnq's Jukebox".

+ In gameplay, UUe is the house🏠.

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